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When Should You Avoid Swimming with Your Baby?

When Should You Avoid Swimming with Your Baby?
14 May 2015 2367 Views No comments

Baby swimming is a great activity for your little one that comes with loads of benefits, not least helping you to develop a great bond. While there are some things you should take into account when heading to the pool with your little one, there are also some instances when you should avoid swimming with them.

This doesn't mean that you have to stay away from the water for good, but being attuned to how your baby is feeling can help you to determine whether a baby swimming class is a good idea on any given day.

Here are some instances where it is a good idea to stay on dry land and avoid the pool.

Groggy after vaccinations

It is perfectly fine to take your baby swimming before they have had all of their injections, but you may want to wait for a day or so after they have their vaccinations.

Some babies can feel sick or groggy after their injections, which is not conducive to a happy swimming experience. If your little one has been sick following their inoculations or haven't been totally with it, wait at least 48 hours before going to the pool.

This will help make their experience in the water more enjoyable and comfortable, ensuring they have a good time. It will also stop them from associating swimming with feeling rubbish, which can cause issues down the line.

Tummy bugs

Similarly, if your little one has had an upset stomach, you should avoid swimming with them for at least 48 hours after it has cleared up. You should also stay out of the pool for the same amount of time if you have had a stomach bug or any uncomfortable symptoms yourself.

Not only will this keep swimming fun later on, but it will also help to avoid any little accidents that could ruin the class for yourself, your baby and anyone else in attendance.

You should ensure that both you and your baby are happy and healthy before going swimming again.

Bad mood

If your baby has been in a persistent bad mood with lots of tears and tantrums, it is a good idea to stay away from the pool until they are calmer. It is unlikely that they will enjoy the experience if they are unhappy, and it can make the session a lot more stressful for you if they won't stop crying while in the pool.

Your baby should be well rested, calm and happy before going swimming in order to allow them to have a positive experience and to get as much out of it as possible.

If you're stressed

While swimming can help you to relax, and you are sure to enjoy going to the pool with your little one, if you are feeling too stressed, tired and are rushed off your feet, you might want to wait until things are calmer.

This will enable you to give your entire focus to the experience so that you can enjoy the time with your baby.

Not only could being distracted create a safety issue, but your little one also picks up your mood and will take their cues from you. So if you're stressed out, they are more likely to get upset and not enjoy themselves.

You should both go swimming when you are calm and happy, as this will allow you to take your time and bond while in the water.