#ChooseToReuse - Reusable Nappy Week 24th-28th April 2023

#ChooseToReuse - Reusable Nappy Week 24th-28th April 2023

For Reusable Nappy Week (24th – 28th April) we are promoting all the benefits of why choosing to use reusable swim nappies makes sense not only for the environment, but for your purse as well.

Reduce Waste and Reliance on Single-use Plastic - and Neoprene

For baby swimming, it’s essential that little ones use a fit for purpose swim nappy, and with tens of thousands of baby’s attending swimming lessons in the UK that could easily equate to more than 4,000,000* disposable, single-use swim nappies being sent to incineration or landfill every year at a cost to our environment. 

Choosing a reusable swim nappy - and especially our ‘one-size fits all’ AquaNappy™ which fits all babies from 3- 30 months approx. because of its unique adjustable velcro and popper system - means you will be reducing waste and doing your bit for the environment by reducing your consumption of single-use plastic.

For baby swimming lessons where a double-nappy system is stipulated, you can also take waste-reduction one step further and choose a non-neoprene nappy cover – neoprene is a man-made rubber - an oil-based derivative, which is not recyclable and consequently has a significant impact on the environment. This is why we developed our Splashy™ Swim Nappy, which is made from our own unique material called e-Flex™, and offers the only alternative to neoprene. This was endorsed by the Organic Baby Awards in 2022, with the Splashy™ Swim Nappy winning Gold for Best Swim Nappy and Silver for Best Eco-Friendly Innovation – and it is approved by the Swimming Teachers’ Association (STA), a national governing body for swimming, for use as part of the double-nappy system.

When the Splashy™ Swim Nappy is used as a nappy cover over the AquaNappy™, they make the most environmentally-friendly double-nappy solution – and both are swim-school approved.

Carbon Savings

The carbon footprint of swim nappy usage can be reduced significantly if reusable swim nappies or even better, non-neoprene swim nappy covers are used instead of single-use or ordinary neoprene swim nappies.

Reusable swim nappies can also use fewer raw materials – our AquaNappy™ is made using recycled materials and our Splashy™ Swim Nappy is the only swim nappy cover made with recycled plastics with no need for added metals or chemicals.

Save Money

Families can make a financial saving of up to 188%** over 1.5 years by using our AquaNappy™ for baby swimming lessons instead of disposal swim nappies. Further savings can also be made if the same reusable swim nappy is used in leisure pool time, while on holiday or on subsequent children.

With the AquaNappy™ being adjustable from 3-30 months approx.., it also offers better value for money as compared to reusable swim nappies that are age/size specific.


*Calculated based on 100,000 babies using disposal swim nappies in 4 x 10-week swimming lesson terms

**Based on an average disposal swim nappy costing 47p