Guest Blog, by Laura Skilton, the founder of Baby Squids


At Baby Squids, we’ve found a wonderful way to add value for our customers and boost our revenue by partnering with Konfidence. For the past two years, this collaboration has allowed us to offer top-notch swim products to our customers at a discount, while also earning a nice commission through Konfidence’s affiliate program.

Baby Squids is all about providing fun and safe swimming lessons for children and babies. We’re dedicated to helping young babies, toddlers and primary school children develop essential water skills and build their confidence in the water. A big part of making this happen is ensuring they have the best swim gear, which is why we recommend Konfidence products.

Konfidence is a trusted name known for their high-quality swim products designed specifically for kids. Their range includes swim nappies, swim costumes, and other swim-related clothing that are both functional and stylish. Their commitment to safety, comfort, and innovation with their eco-friendly Splashy range fits perfectly with our values, making them the ideal partner for us.

Joining Konfidence’s affiliate program has been a fantastic move. Here’s how it works: we offer a 10% discount on Konfidence products to our customers. This not only encourages them to buy excellent swim gear but also enhances their overall experience with Baby Squids. In return, we earn a commission from Konfidence for every purchase made through our affiliate link. Over the past two years, we’ve generated about £25,000 in sales for Konfidence, giving us a significant revenue boost with minimal effort.

One key to the success of this program is how we’ve integrated it with our booking software, Restless Kids Class Manager. This amazing tool has streamlined our operations and ensured a smooth customer journey. Here’s how it helps:

When customers register for the first time, they automatically receive an offer for a discount on Konfidence products. This introduces them to the benefits of using high-quality swim gear right from the start. Every six to seven weeks (in line with the half term), when they re-enrol for their swimming lessons, they’re reminded of the discount, keeping Konfidence products in mind and encouraging repeat purchases. Our regular newsletters also feature the Konfidence discount, providing another reminder of the great products available at a reduced price.

Integrating the Konfidence affiliate program into our operations has had a huge impact on our business. Here’s what we’ve seen:

We’ve increased customer satisfaction by offering a discount on top-quality swim gear, enhancing their overall experience with Baby Squids. This has helped us build loyalty and encourage word-of-mouth referrals. The commissions earned from the affiliate program has provided a valuable additional revenue stream. This extra income has allowed us to invest more in our facilities and staff, further improving the quality of our swimming lessons.

Promoting Konfidence products has required little to no effort once the system was set up. The automated process ensures the discount is consistently offered at key touchpoints, maximising our reach without additional work.

Our customers love the Konfidence products, we have had positive feedback a number of times. Looking ahead, we see even more potential in our partnership with Konfidence. We plan to continue leveraging the affiliate program and launching our own branded products backed by Konfidence. 

Our partnership with Konfidence has truly been a game-changer for Baby Squids. By offering our customers high-quality swim products at a discount, we’ve been able to enhance their experience and build stronger relationships. At the same time, the additional revenue from the affiliate program has provided a significant boost to our business. The seamless integration with Restless Kids Class Manager has made the entire process effortless, allowing us to focus on what we do best—providing top-notch swimming lessons for children and babies. We’re excited to continue this successful collaboration with Konfidence :)

If you are reading this, as a swim school owner, I highly recommend you jump right in, there really is nothing to lose, and you an awful lot to gain!

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