Our children’s swimwear and buoyancy aids have been put to the test all over the world by Parent Passport’s international team of families, resulting this month in us securing not one award, but SEVEN Parent Passport Family Friendly Travel Awards! 

Our holiday swimwear essentials for babies and children, won seven of the 2023/2024 Parent Passport Awards categories, including Best ECO Swimwear, Best Safety Swimwear, Best Swim Diaper and Best Swimsuit for Toddlers:


  1. Best ECO swimwear – Warma™ Swimsuit made with e-Flex™
  1. Best Safety Swimwear – Original Konfidence™ Jacket
  1. Best Swim Diapers for Infants – Splashy™ AquaNappy™
  1. Best Swimsuits for Toddlers – Splashy™ Swimsuit made with e-Flex™
  1. Best Travel Swim UV Hat for Kids - Konfidence™
  1. Best Travel Swim Accessories for Kids – Konfidence™ Aquabands
  1. Best Adult’s Swim Shirts / Rash Guards – Konfidence™ Rash Vest


About the Parent Passport Family Friendly Tavel Awards

The Parent Passport Family Friendly Travel Awards have been created by @naturally_frenchy and @champsology who are passionate about traveling and adventuring with their little ones, and who love sharing their journeys to their half a million followers on social media.

They said: “We understand the importance of choosing the right products and services for our families, including baby, kids, and family products. Too often, we've encountered products that don't meet our expectations in terms of quality, durability, or value for money.

That's why we created The Parent Passport Awards, our esteemed recognition for outstanding baby, kids, and family products and services. As a family travel and adventure community, we believe in enriching children's days (and nights) with safe, high-quality, and reliable equipment, products, and services. Our meticulous assessment and review process covers a wide range of categories, and our panel of experts carefully selects the winners in each category, ensuring that we only highlight the best products and services for parents and their families.”