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Tips For Taking A Baby To The Beach

Tips For Taking A Baby To The Beach
2 July 2019 360 Views No comments

Many families choose to go to the beach at least once over the summer period, whether you go for a day out or decide to take the family on a long-haul holiday. For families with babies, these trips can be a challenge. You will want them to enjoy the beach just as much as their older siblings, but you also need them to stay safe. That is why not only do Konfidence provide the best swimwear equipment for your little one, but we have put together some tips on how to keep them safe and what items they should wear.

Be Flexible

2 Jul 2019 11:36:39

When looking to go to the beach it is important to be flexible. When you get there, you need to be prepared to adapt to how your baby is feeling. They may hate being anywhere near the sand, or they may absolutely love playing with it. This could change depending in the occasion, and how they are feeling, so you must always be prepared.

Try to choose a time of day when it is cooler, such as before 10-11 am or after 2pm.This is important because with the cooler temperatures and reduced strength of the sun rays, it is less likely that your baby will over heat or burn.

Lots Of Sun Cream

If your baby is under 6 months old, it is advised that the best method of sun protection is to keep them out of the sun or completely in the shade when outside. It can help to ensure they are wearing a sun hat such as the Konfidence Children’s Reversible Bucket Hat or a full bodysuit like the Konfidence UV Sun Protection Suit.

The same applies for children older than 6 months, but it is also recommended that sunscreen is applied 15 minutes before and reapplied after they have gone into the water. Apply sunscreen to your baby or child frequently to avoid sun damage.

Have The Right Equipment

By ensuring you have brought the right equipment with you, you can be sure to have a fun, safe day at the beach. The equipment you need may vary depending on what activities you are planning, but having a standard list such as this is a good idea:

- Sunhat,
- Beach Tent,
- Beach Shoes,
- Swim Nappies,
- Swimsuit,
- Swim Jacket
- Toys.

In The Sea

If you are planning to introduce your baby to swimming in the sea make sure that they are comfortable and safe when doing so.

You should only take them into the shallows with soft waves whilst keeping a hold of them the whole time, even if in baby swim classes you let them go, as the sea can be unpredictable and can change quite quickly. If they are still learning to swim and are not confident in their ability, try placing them into a Konfidence floatsuit that will help them stay afloat and gives them confidence to enjoy the sea.

No matter how sunny the day is the sea will still be cold. Babies feel the cold more than adults and get colder quicker. By placing them into one of our baby warma wetsuits you can allow them to have fun in the sea for longer without getting too cold. The Konfidence Babywarma baby wetsuit is designed using high-grade soft neoprene to ensure that little ones stay warm and safe.

Going to the beach during the summer shouldn’t be worrying for parents. Konfidence believe that parents should be able to be confident that their baby will be safe when on the beach, whether this be from the UV rays of the sun or when they are in the sea. That is why we designed our range of Baby Swimwear and Beachwear, to give parents the confidence to let their little ones learn to swim, knowing that they will be safe.

For more tips, advice and information on our range of swimwear, UV protection and beachwear, please contact the Konfidence team on 01566 777887 or via our online form. We are always happy to help!

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