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Swimming Games to Play with Your Children

Swimming Games to Play with Your Children
27 March 2015 2676 Views No comments

You're bound to be familiar with the term "water baby," but if you don't introduce your child to a swimming pool at the earliest opportunity then taking to the water might pose more difficulties than anticipated.

When it comes to learning how to swim, it is recommended to start from a young age. Of course, you must accompany your child into the water, so it's advised that you're already a competent swimmer.

Taking your child to regular swimming lessons will help them to build confidence and overcome any fears of the water. Once they've tackled this first hurdle, you can then teach them to have fun in the water by playing a selection of child-friendly swimming games.

If you're stuck for ideas, here are a few you can try.

Over and under

This game is great for playing in a group. Each swimmer stands in a long line and the first person passes a ball or float over their head to the person behind them. The next person passes the object under through their legs and vice versa.

If your child isn't used to treading water, it's best to play this game in the baby pool so that their feet can reach the floor. Passing the float through their legs will help to increase their confidence going underwater.

Treasure hunt

The treasure hunt game is recommended for more experienced young swimmers, as it involves diving underwater.

Place a number of toys – such as DiveStiks – into the pool and make sure that they sink to the bottom. Call out a specific item and your child must then swim underwater and retrieve it.

This can be played with a number of children and could be turned into a race to see who can reach the "treasure" first.

Make sure your youngster wears goggles when they go underwater to avoid chlorine irritation. Konfidence's Vorgee Voyager Goggles are perfect for children aged between 4and 12 years old.

Swimming through legs

If you're only just teaching your child how to swim underwater, the swimming through legs game is a great place to start.

Stand in the water with your legs apart in a starfish shape. Get your little one to swim under using your legs as a tunnel. Once they've accomplished this, make it a little trickier by asking your partner or friend to join in.

They can stand facing you in the same starfish shape and your child must then swim through both pairs of legs. Make sure you stand wide to allow enough room.

Shark attack

Shark attack is a fun game to play with a group of children and adults. Essentially, it's a rendition of the popular playground game Tag.

Everyone lines up against the side of the pool and one person is named the shark. The shark must stay behind for ten seconds to give everyone lined up a chance to swim away. After everyone has escaped, the shark then swims to try and catch the other swimmers.

Once a person is caught, the shark shouts "fish!" and then they too become a shark. The game becomes more difficult then, as there is more than one person swimming to catch the others!