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Stay Safe In The Water This Summer

Stay Safe In The Water This Summer
21 August 2019 443 Views No comments

As the summer school holidays are approaching many of us will be looking at visiting the beach and going for a swim in the sea, but it is vitally important that you ensure you and your children stay safe in the water.

There is a difference between swimming in a pool and swimming in the sea. Here’s what you should know:

Know Your Swimming Limit

If your child can’t swim or is just starting to learn then keeping them to the shallows is safest, as they can swim if they want whilst still being able to stand. If they go out of their depths that is when they may panic and get into difficulty.

Should You Be Swimming Here

On beaches that are looked after by lifeguards there will be flags to show where it is safe for people to swim and where there are areas with particularly strong currents, making swimming there dangerous.

This flag means that it is dangerous to bathe or swim and that you should not enter the water.

If this flag is flying then it means that it is safe to swim between the flags showing these colours.

These flags are particularly important if you are new to the area or not used to the waters here, because they will help you to avoid swimming in an area with strong currents, riptides, polluted or unsafe areas.

Watch The Tide

Sea tides change throughout the day and it is vital to keep an eye on them, because they can change fast meaning that you or your child may be near and insight and then all of a sudden, they might disappear. If you are unsure of the tide times, then they can be easily looked up online or simply ask a nearby lifeguard.

Stay Warm

Swimming outside in the sea is much colder than swimming in the pool, there is no computerised system controlling the water temperature. Children and babies feel the cold more than adults and whilst they are swimming they will feel warm, but they can get cold fast making it important that they are dressed in the right clothing.

We at Konfidence have a vast range of children’s and baby wetsuits to keep your little ones warm so that they can enjoy their time at the seaside. We also offer a wide range of swimming aids to help give them the confidence they need and you peace of mind when they venture into the sea.

For more tips, advice and information on staying safe in the sea or to talk about our range of swimwear, UV protection and beachwear, please contact the Konfidence team on 01566 777887 or via our online form.

We are always happy to help!