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Make Bathtime Fun for Older Kids

Make Bathtime Fun for Older Kids
27 May 2015 4507 Views No comments

Bathtime can become a bit of a chore for older children, with the necessity to stay clean outweighing the fun that can be had. This means that you can have a fight on your hands when it comes to getting them in the tub.

However, you can avoid this by making sure that bathtime is a fun experience for your children. Games and activities can have them looking forward to getting in the bath, letting you have some quality time with them while also ticking something off your to do list.

Here are some ways to make bathtime fun and interesting for your children.

Bath crayons

If your kids like their art activities, why not get them some bath crayons so they can decorate your tiles while also getting clean?

Bath crayons wash away really easily, meaning you won't be left with any permanent marks on your walls. However, they only wash off tiles or the bath easily, so make sure that your little ones don't just draw on the wallpaper.

You can even have them wash away their art at the end of their bath, saving you a job later on.

Coloured bath water

We know that kids love bubble bath, but you can make baths even more fun than that. Some children's bubble baths or bath bombs actually colour the water, making it more fun for your kids.

You can make it more interesting by giving them containers for collecting and pouring water so they can see the colour clearly. This is a really easy way to get them excited about having a bath.


Children are always going to be happier if they have something to play with. Even those who really hate the bath will forget the fact quickly if they have toys to engage with.

Things like our Floating & Flashing Blinkies are a lot of fun and can get them to use their imaginations while having a bath.

Bathtime basketball

You can get basketball hoops that stick onto your tiles so your kids can play basketball while in the bath. This is a great way to get them to have fun and make their bathtimes more active.

You can take it in turns with them to see who can get to ten baskets first.

Fun wash stuff

Bathtime is the ideal opportunity for you to teach your children about hygiene and how important regular washing is. For older children, you can also get them their own fun wash stuff so they can get used to cleaning themselves.

Things like wash mitts with characters on them or shampoo and shower gel in their favourite colours are ways to make this more fun. It will also make them feel very grown up, so they will be happier getting in the bath.

Story time

Stories aren't just for bedtime – you can also tell your kids stories in the bath. Get them to pick a book they like so that you can read it to them while they clean themselves.

Alternatively, you can make a story up and take it in turns to add details. This is great if they don't really like the bath, as it will help to take their mind of their discomfort.