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How to Get Your Kids Outside and Active Even If It's Cold

How to Get Your Kids Outside and Active Even If It's Cold
30 January 2015 2081 Views No comments

Keeping your kids cooped up in the winter can be boring for them and hugely stressful for you. As well as trying to find things for them to do, it also seems like there's a lot more mess being made that you then have to clean up.

Even though the weather outside might be a bit chilly, you can still get your children to be active outside. Here are some great ideas to help them get some fresh air as well as get them out from under your feet.

Walk the dog

If you have a pet pooch, it could help you to get your children outside. All dogs need at least 45 minutes of exercise a day, if not more, so they need to go out for walks even in the cold weather.

This is the perfect way to get your children outside for a bit every day. You can either head out with them and your dog for a walk or, if they are old enough, your kids can do it themselves and leave you with a few minutes of peace and quiet.

You could even make a day of it by heading off with your little ones and your pooch to somewhere new. This will let everyone have a run around outside and keep things interesting for them.

Snow day!

For those lucky enough to have had snow, this offers the perfect opportunity for getting your children outside and having fun. They can make snowmen, have a snowball fight or simply chase snowflakes around. There are so many games they can play in the snow that you'll probably have trouble getting them inside!

It's important to remember that they'll need to be bundled up if they head out in the snow, as they can get cold very quickly. As well as a few layers and waterproof coat, you should also kit them out with a hat and gloves. This will help them to stay warmer for longer.

It's also a good idea to have a hot drink at the ready for when they come back in.

Go to the park

It may be cold, but if it's dry there's no reason you can't head to your nearest play park. So long as everyone is wrapped up warm, your kids can still have plenty of fun playing on the swings and running around.

While there may be some things they may not want to play on, such as metal slides due to the fact they can leave them feeling even colder, there will still be lots to do.

Just be mindful that they may not tell you when they are too cold to stay out, especially if they are having lots of fun. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the time so that you don't stay out too long.

A walk

Even just a simple walk can make all the difference and help tire your little ones out. Walking to the local shop or just heading out for a nature stroll are great ways to keep your children active in winter.

A walk doesn't require any planning, so it is a good standby if you and your children can't stand to be inside for much longer.