OUR ORIGINAL KONFIDENCE JACKET Has been Bizzie scoring gold for a second year in a row

OUR ORIGINAL KONFIDENCE JACKET Has been Bizzie scoring gold for a second year in a row

 For a second year in a row, our Original Konfidence Swim Jacket has been awarded a coveted BizzieBaby Gold Award, with independent parent testers scoring it the highest mark of 5/5, based on its design, features, quality and value for money.

“We know its not easy to be awarded Gold by BizzieBaby, as the independent scoring system is so stringent – and rightly so for credibility – which makes it even more special for our Swim Jacket to score Gold for a second year in a row.” Andy Regan, the founder of Konfidence

One of the BizzieBaby parent reviewers commented:

“Definitely worth the money and definitely an essential for every family trip near water! I think all I can really say is that this really does hit all the markers. The quality is great, it’s durable, it’s lightweight, it’s easy to pack, it’s literally lifesaving and it’s definitely an essential for us!”

Another who tested it out on a beach several times, said:

“The high visible yellow is essential and gives me peace of mind because although I always stay with him or very close to him sometimes, they disappear for a second in the blink of an eye but it’s easy to spot them again straight away when the pop up from behind a rock or running round someone else etc!” 

In another comment, one of the parent reviewers wrote:

“He actually loved the extra independence it brought him in the pool and he was so much more confident! I absolutely love the quality!! Great value for the price. The material is thick and durable, the design is well thought out and handy in many ways and I definitely think it’s been perfectly designed and made! 100% great value!! It’s amazing value especially considering that price could literally be the difference between saving your child’s life!”

Read all the reviews here: https://bizziebaby.co.uk/product-review/the-original-konfidence-jacket-3

Andy, who first designed the Swim Jacket back in 1998 for his own children, and which are now used by his grandchildren, says: “We are immensely pleased that year-on-year our Original Konfidence Jacket continues to be valued by parents, and continues to help children learn to swim safely and with confidence.” 

“Our jacket has, and will always be a premium safety product for children, and in 22 years, we are proud to say that we have never once compromised on the quality of its British design.   Every year, therefore for us, it’s really pleasing to see new generations of parents, like those from BizzieBaby here, comment not just on the intended practical benefits of the jacket, but also on the quality and durability of the materials we use - as well as all of the tiny design details we have incorporated that ensure user comfort and safety.”

Take a look at our multi-award winning Original Konfidence Swim Jacket here: https://www.konfidence.co.uk/products/the-original-konfidence-jacket