Replacement Floats for Konfidence Jackets and Floatsuits

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Replacement Floats for Konfidence Jackets and Floatsuits

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Its reusable nappy week!

Buy one Aquanappy and get a second half price!

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Keep an eye out for our products with recycled fabrics

Lost a float or 2 or even 3? We can help! 

Please choose from the drop down list on the left the size and the product missing their floats. 

For example: 1-2 Years Floatsuit  or 18 Months -3 Years Jacket. 

Select the Qty needed and add them to your cart. 

Easy Peasy. 



Konfidence is a brand with over 20 years of experience in the children's buoyancy and swimming industry.

We are well known for our high quality products and innovative designs, but most of all for customer service.

Konfidence is leading the way and making huge strides in using as much recycled materials in our products as possible because we care about the enviroment.

We work closely with fantastic companies and charities like the Swimming Teachers Association and RNLI as we believe water safety and learning to swim are Life Skills

Konfidence uses a range of couriers and delivery companies to provide the best service we can for our customers.

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