Swim Teachers Kit/Uniform

All of the below products can be made using your company logo with lead times depending on order quantities. If there is anything else you may need like swim caps or pool noodles we can source these too!

The easiest thing to do If you have any questions or would like to get in touch is email us on sales@konfidence.com or call on +44 1566 777 887.

Konfidence has been working side by side with swimming teachers since 1998 and with our close ties to the STA (Swimming Teachers Association) and The Starfish Aquatics Institute you can trust that we know what we are doing when it comes to providing kit/uniform to swim schools.

We have worked with industry leaders in Baby Swimming including the likes of Waterbabies, Turtletots, SwimKidz and many more ...

There are many reasons for this but the top ones are:

1. Staying Warmer for Longer: Investing in Konfidence's Warma™ Wetsuit Top or Warma™ Swimsuit as your uniform will help keep your teachers warmer in the pool and enjoying their lesson.

2.Safety & Security - A uniform helps swim teachers to be quickly identified by parents and students helping them get to the right class and maintaining a secure environment during lessons.

3. Brand Promotion - Uniforms act as mobile advertisements, promoting your swim school, generating brand awareness, and attracting potential students.

4. Professionalism and Unity: Uniforms with a logo create a sense of professionalism and unity among instructors and staff, establishing a consistent and cohesive image that inspires confidence and trust.

5. And Lastly Money: Selling uniform is a great opportunity to add to your income stream.

Warma™ Wetsuit Top

We know that as teachers you spend the majority of your time in or around the pool and this can get cold.

The Konfidence™ Warma™ Wetsuit Top is made from e-FLEX™ our exclusive material made from recycled plastic. which is designed to keep your warmer in he water. Its plush lined for comfort and has zip up the front making it really easy to take on and off.

Key Features:

  • Regulates temperature
  • Soft plush lining.
  • Soft & stretchy
  • UV protective: 50+ UV protection
  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Trusted: Swimming Teachers Around The World

Personalised Teachers Shirts

The Konfidence PBT T-Shirt makes the perfect swim teacher shirt making your swim teachers stand out in the pool.

Made from PBT material, which is used in high end sportswear because of it extraordinary properties.

PBT is perfect for a close body fit, and compared to Lycra it is proven to retain its shape for longer, is less prone to snagging and is far more chlorine resistant.

Key Features:

  • Made from PBT.
  • Chlorine Resistant.
  • Soft & stretchy.
  • Fast drying.
  • UV protective: 50+ UV protection.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Trusted: Swimming Teachers Around The World.

Teachers Swim Bag

The Konfidence Swim Teachers Bag is a large open top zipped bag and has been carefully designed specifically for Swim Teachers and Instructors. 

Key Features:

  • Clear plastic windows two sides of the bag, to allow school logo placements without the need to have the bag printed. Just laminate your paper printed logo (to offer extra protection against water) and slide into the window. 
  • Plastic base, so when the bag is sat in damp or wet conditions, water doesn't soak into the material of the bag leaving the contents dry. 
  • Large Elasticated securing straps on the top of the bag. Ideal for carrying pool noodles. 
  • Plastic zip and water resistant zip pull. No rusting of metal zip, and easy to open and close with the water resistant zip pull. 
  • Swim school colours in Orange and Blue. 

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