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The Future of Swimwear!

Introducing to the future of the swimwear industry


Welcome and happy splashy landing!

For a long time, as most swimwear companies, we have reliedon neoprene for our swimwear for its versatility.

But no longer, as we at Konfidence have created our all new swimwearSplashy Range, with an incredible New Material.

All our Splashy range is constructed using our own e-Flex™material which is a combination of stretchy Nylon, soft comfy plush inner and awaterproof sandwich filling of recycled plastic.

Our newSplashy™ range begins with the swim nappy. Soft, flexible and secure round thewaist and leg hems and made of recycled materials. Our all new Splashy™ SwimNappy is available in our three most popular styles; Fergal, Seabiskit and Joniwho all welcome our efforts to reduce the use plastics. Designed to swim schoolapproved format in Cornwall and in partnership with the Swimming TeachersAssociation it’s the essential baby swimming product for use at home, onholiday in the pool or beach or in baby swim classes.

The new Splashy™swim nappy still offers the same benefits as our original NeoNappy™ cover.Including 50+ UV protection and providing a soft, stretchy, impermeableshell, while the close-fitting waist and leg hems offer a good seal around thetummy and legs. All without using man made neoprene made from oil. 

Tocompliment the Splashy™ swim nappy we have our award winning Splashy™swimsuit. As with the Splashy™ nappy we use the same lovely soft, flexiblematerials with and secure round the waist and leg hems and made of recycledmaterials. Our all new Splashy™ swimsuit is also available in our three mostpopular styles; Fergal, Seabiskit and Joni. All of them welcome our efforts toreduce the use plastics. Warming in the winter on the beach and in the pool butalso sun protective with the highest UVPF of 50+. Designed in Cornwall and inpartnership with the Swimming Teachers Association it’s our softest mostcomfortable baby swimsuit for use at home in the garden, on holiday in the poolor beach or in baby swim classes.

Not only is ournew range better quality, but it is also better for the environment with itsrecycled parts, using recycled plastic to keep it out of our oceans

(at least not in the bad way!)

you can check out all the range below:

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