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The Konfidence Christmas Giveaway 2016

This competition is now closed.

Konfidence #giftofswimming Christmas Giveaway

Are you rapidly running out of ideas for gifts this Christmas? Have you exhausted every avenue relating to the latest TV or movie character? Or do you simply want to give something more unusual, meaningful and even practical?

If so, then why not treat the water baby in your life with our swimming-inspired gift ideas?

What’s more, 'tis the season to be jolly', so over the next 12 days we are giving you the chance to win one of these 12 swimming gift ideas in time for Christmas! They will make wonderful gifts for loved ones or be really useful for your own baby or child's swimming journey. Pop back each day to see what new giveaways we post!

Day 1

Day 1 - Babywarma

To start our #giftofswimming countdown, we are offering you the chance to win our best-selling and multi award-winning Babywarma neoprene baby wetsuit, which comes in a range of cute designs.

Babies don't tend to like cold water – they like to be warm and snug as a bug! Our soft neoprene baby wetsuit is therefore loved by parents all over the world, because it helps to keep little ones aged 0 to 24 months warm in the swimming pool for longer.

For maximum safety, comfort and performance, the Babywarma also features clever design techniques that ensure a snug, "huggable" fit, and it opens flat to allow for quick nappy changes.

Day 2

Day 2 - Swimology Bag

"You may study all the '-ologies' of the world, but if you do not learn swimology, all your studies are useless."

Such has been the success of our Swimologists programme over the last couple of years, we have introduced our own exclusive Swimology swim bags.

The large duffle-style design is the perfect swim bag for proud mamas and papas who love to take their little ones swimming!

Day 3

Day 3 - AquaNappy and NeoNappy

A swim nappy is a must-have swimming item, but ours is no ordinary 'supermarket' swim nappy! Designed in partnership with swim schools and parents, our reusable AquaNappy has a one-size-fits-all design for babies aged from approximately 3 to 30 months and features a unique triple-layered polyester design with elasticised leg openings. It offers great value for money as compared to disposals and comes in a range of gorgeous designs. Great for eco-mums and dads as well!

For this prize, we've also teamed the AquaNappy with our swim-school approved NeoNappy, both of which can be colour-coordinated for extra cuteness! Most swim schools now insist on babies and infants wearing a neoprene nappy cover over the top of a normal swim nappy – it's what they term the 'double nappy system'.

Our NeoNappy neoprene swim nappy cover can be worn over a normal swim nappy, like the AquaNappy, to provide that all-important extra layer of protection and added peace of mind.

Day 4

Day 4 - Baby Changing Mat

This is a genuine must-have for every adult who takes a baby swimming! Our award-winning Roll & Go Baby Changing Mat helps to solve the age-old problem of trying to change babies on wet floors at public pools, and is also great for dads who are sometimes faced with no baby changing facilities at pools.

Made from soft cushioned neoprene with a treaded non-slip back, the extra-large mat provides a comfortable and secure surface that's hygienically clean. It's also chlorine-resistant, and once you are done you simply "roll 'n' go" for ease of carrying!

Day 5

Day 5 - Baby Swimming Toys

No swimming journey is complete without a set of fun toys to play with in the bath or pool, and with our set of Blinkies you can have a disco at bath time too! All you have to do is pop these little guys in the water and they'll start flashing and floating around, much to the delight of babies!

The cute dolphin, clownfish and duck toys, affectionately known as Echo, Neo and Quackajack, have been designed to help babies gain confidence in the water. By using the toys in the bath at home and then taking them to the pool, they also act as familiar and comforting toys for babies when they first go to the swimming pool. The ideal stocking filler!

Also included in today's prize is our inflatable neoprene swim ball and DiveStiks!

Day 6

Day 6 - Floatsuit

If you are planning a holiday, then you will need our multi-award winning Floatsuit. It is the perfect swimsuit for young water babes who are gaining confidence in the pool, and we have one to giveaway here!

Made from soft Lycra fabric, our Floatsuit works on the same principle as the Original Konfidence Buoyancy Jackets – eight individual removable floats are worn in outer pockets, which can easily be removed for tailored buoyancy as the child grows, develops and learns water confidence.

This traditional swimsuit design has made it a popular alternative to arm bands, which can be cumbersome for children aged 1 year and over, especially when they are learning to swim.

Day 7

Day 7 - Konfidence Swim Jacket

The Original Konfidence Jacket is our flagship product, and we are proud to say that it is the number one learn to swim jacket with adjustable buoyancy in Europe. Tested to the latest European safety standards, it is the leading product in the market to help teach children aged 1 to 7 years proper swimming technique and true water confidence.

The jacket's British design features an easy-to-use eight removable float system, which allows buoyancy to be reduced gradually as children become more confident in the water. Its iconic bright yellow high-visibility back and 100% UV protection also make it an essential piece of holiday kit.

For 2016 we also launched a brand new range of designs, which have already won multiple awards this year. The new designs include boys and girls beach-chic themed nautical stripes, which have been inspired by our Cornish heritage. For added flair, the girl's jackets also feature pretty bows and frilly patterned detailing.

For those wanting a funkier design, there is also the new pink and navy Ladybird polka style and the vibrant new Scoot the Clownfish character jacket.

Day 8

Day 8 - Warma Wetsuit

It's not just babies who feel the cold in the water, but infants and older children too. That's why we created our neoprene Warma Wetsuit to provide warmth for children in a chilly pool or summer seas.

The Warma wetsuit is popular amongst parents with children aged 2-7 years because of its key design features:

  • The short John style provides warmth around the torso and thighs, whilst retaining freedom of arm movement to allow for swimming development
  • The adjustable shoulder straps allow for growth and ensure a snug fit each time
  • The 100% UV protection (on all covered areas) makes it perfect to use in hot summer weather
  • The range of bright colours provide maximum visibility for parents when used in busy places

And, if you are looking for a Christmas gift solution that provides both warmth and buoyancy, our Warma Wetsuits team up perfectly and colour co-ordinate with The Original Konfidence Jacket.

Day 9

Day 9 - Shorty Wetsuit

We love taking our children for days out to the beach, and we are very fortunate to be based in Cornwall – only be a short drive away from some of the UK's most beautiful spots. However, it can also be a bit chilly, so we wanted to create a wetsuit that is not only fantastically engineered and made to the same specifications as adult wetsuits, but one that also lets our budding young surfers or body boarders look and feel part of the scene.

That's exactly what we did with the Shorty Wetsuit, and that's why they are now one of our best-selling summer beach items. The Shorty Wetsuit also gives adults peace of mind, as not only are children protected from chilly winds and cooler waters, but the neoprene fabric provides 100% UV protection and the bright designs lets you keep an eye on them as they ride the waves.

If you have a budding young surf dude or dudette to buy for this Christmas, this would be a super gift!

Day 10

Day 10 - Octonauts Swimwear

Sound the Octo Alert, as today's prize package is a must for all Octonauts fans!

We are giving away not one, but both of our Octonauts swimwear designs, which are based on two of the show's most popular characters – a Captain Barnacles Floatsuit and a Lieutenant Kwazii Original Konfidence Jacket.

The Kwazii-themed Original Konfidence Jacket is bright orange to match the popular feline Octonauts character. It features our easy-to-use removable eight-float system which allows buoyancy to be tailored to the wearer’s needs and ability. The Jacket, which has blue lieutenant stripes on the shoulders and the chest, and an Octonauts zip pull, also features our signature bright yellow back, which provides high visibility for parents at the pool or on the beach. It also offers 100% sun protection on all covered areas.

The Konfidence Floatsuit in nautical blue – the same colour as Captain Barnacles' uniform – also features the eight removable floats to tailor buoyancy. The Lycra suit has 50+ UPF sun protection, features the Octonauts logo, and has yellow rear float chambers to imitate Barnacles' boosterpack!

We are sure that any young Octonauts fan would love to receive this at Christmas, so they can pretend to be their favourite character while learning to swim!

Day 11

Day 11 - Learn to Swim Bundle

For the last two days, we are giving away our ultimate swimming packages! Today we have an exclusive learn to swim bundle, which includes everything a youngster needs for his or her learn to swim journey.

This swimmingly good prize, which would make a fantastic Christmas gift, includes:

  • The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket
  • A Konfidence Warma Wetsuit
  • A pair of Vorgee Swimming Goggles
  • A Konfidence Neoprene Swim Ball
  • A Konfidence Swimology Duffle-Style Swim Bag

Day 12

Day 12 - Baby Swimwear Bundle

For the final day of our #giftofswimming competition, we are giving away the ultimate baby swimming bundle which includes six of our award-winning baby swimming products:

  • A Konfidence Babywarma Baby Wetsuit
  • A Konfidence AquaNappy Swim Nappy
  • A Konfidence NeoNappy Swim Nappy Cover
  • A Konfidence Roll & Go Baby Changing Mat
  • All three Konfidence Floating & Flashing Blinkies
  • A Konfidence Swimology Duffle-Style Swim Bag

#giftofswimming Giveaway Prizes