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Buoyancy Swimming Aids

Introduce your child to a world of watery fun with buoyancy aids, swimming aids and floatsuits that give them a feeling of security in the water. From tiny tots to adults, we offer a range of suitable swimming aids that are manufactured from the highest quality materials and offer safety, comfort and warmth. Our buoyancy range makes it easy for you to encourage swimming confidence at any age.

If you have any specific questions on what swimming aid to choose, how they work to provide you buoyancy in the water, and what makes our products so special, please click here for buoyancy tips and advice.

Konfidence Children's Swim Jackets

The Original Konfidence Jacket is our flagship buoyancy swimming aid and one of the most popular swim vests on the market. Featuring adjustable buoyancy in a wide range of striking designs, it seamlessly combines style, safety and reliability.

Floatsuit Children's Buoyancy Vests

Our adorable floatsuits offer a stylish alternative to traditional swimming aids. The removable float system allows children to develop water confidence at their own pace, whilst enjoying greater freedom of movement in the pool.

Youth Swim Jackets

Once your young swimmers get a little bit older, you can move onto the Konfidence Youth Jacket. Sized for children from around the age of 8 to 14 years old, these swim jackets provide adjustable buoyancy to help older kids gain their own much-needed water confidence.

Adult Swim Jackets

It's not uncommon for adults to feel nervous or concerned about getting in the pool too, which is why we created the Konfidence Adult Jacket. Featuring the same trademark adjustable buoyancy as our other swim aids, the Adult Swim Jacket is the perfect solution for the new swimmer.