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Konfidence has scored top marks from BizzieBaby’s parent reviewers for its new world-first range of Splashy™ swimsuits and wetsuits, which are made from the company’s own environmentally-friendly e-Flex™ material as a sustainable alternative to neoprene.


The new Splashy™ wetsuit was awarded Gold after parents gave it a five-star rating based on quality, design and comfort.  The independent reviewers also noted the wetsuit’s effectiveness of keeping little ones warm in the pool / sea and its UV protection properties.


All also commented on the wetsuit’s environmentally-friendly e-Flex™ material, which combines nylon, polyester and recycled plastic. One mum stated: “The fact that it uses recycled plastic and yet remains an excellent quality wetsuit and excels in comfort compared to previous wetsuits is amazing.” 


Read the full reviews on the Splashy™ wetsuit here https://bizziebaby.co.uk/product-review/kondidence-splashy-wetsuit-made-with-e-flex/


The Splashy™ swimsuit also received high praise from the BizziebBaby mums and was awarded Silver, with two of the three reviewers scoring it 5/5 for comfort, fit and its warming material design.  They too also liked the fact it is made from a more sustainable material (as compared to conventional unrecyclable neoprene designs) saying: I think it is great that this is made from e-Flex™ material using recycled plastic … kinder for our planet.  This is very important to me and I think it’s so important to choose the option of recycled material products when available.” 


Read the full reviews on the Splashy™ swimsuit here https://bizziebaby.co.uk/product-review/konfidence-splashy-swimsuit-made-with-e-flex/


Andrew Regan, Founder of Konfidence, said: “It is always an honour to get recognition from parents, and we are delighted that the reviewers at Bizziebaby have endorsed the quality of our new Splashy™ swimsuits and wetsuits, and place high value on the importance of choosing more environmentally-friendly, sustainable products.”


For further information on the Splashy™ range and the rationale behind its development, please visit www.konfidence.co.uk.  The range also includes a Splashy™ Swim Nappy, which offers a sustainable alternative to traditional neoprene swim nappies.

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