Back in 2019, we joined with the Love the Oceans charity who provide free swimming lessons to 4-18 years, and who in August every year teach 200+ children during a 2-week intensive swimming course in Guinjata Bay, an area in Mozambique renowned for its rich marine life. 

During our discussions, Love the Oceans told us that the pools there are unheated and can get cold, especially for the very young children as a lot of them are small for their age because of the lack of nutrients in a typical Mozambique diet. 

In support, we donated a bundle of Konfidence Warma Wetsuits to the charity, to help keep the children warm in the pool for longer. 

The pandemic then ground everything to a halt for a couple of years, but we are pleased to report that the free intensive swimming lessons were back this summer, and the children were finally able to reap the benefits of our Warma Wetsuits during their swimming lessons.


Photo courtesy of Love the Oceans

Drowning is a major issue in this part of the world, and Love the Oceans are dedicated to teaching children how to swim and how to be water safe, not only to save lives, but to also encourage a passion for the marine environment and its inhabitants in the next generation.


Photo courtesy of Love the Oceans – the children in their Konfidence Warma Wetsuits at the pool the charity borrowed this summer from the people at Cumbini lodge.

Love the Oceans is also currently raising money to build the first ever community pool in Guinjata Bay, which will provide skills that are crucial to an area with growing marine eco-tourism.  With this pool, the charity would also be able to double the number of lessons it can provide the community and help tackle poverty by creating paying jobs for the local swim teachers they’ve trained.