CELEBRITY SPOTTING - Konfidence Style!

CELEBRITY SPOTTING - Konfidence Style!


Inspired by the Instagram post this week of Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, posting a photo of his son rocking the awesome Konfidence Floatsuit, let’s look back over the years at some of the other celebrities who’ve chosen our swimwear for their children.


Camilla Lackberg -
Best selling author
Catherine Tyldesley - actress and former Coronation Street Star Chris and Rosemary Ramsey - loving the jacket!


Chris Ramsey, Comedian and TV Presenter
Chris and Rosemary Ramsey - Amazing Skills! Denise Van Outen -  TV Presenter




Ian Ziering - American Actor - 90210
Ian Ziering 2 - American Actor - 90210 Mafalda Sampaio - Actress Portugal




Mafalda Sampaio - Actress Portugal having a great time! 
Princess Caroline of Monaco Mel C - Spice Girl 


Unfortunately for privacy, we cannot display images of all our celebrity customers – but we can say we’ve had the privilege of receiving orders from the Branson family and Elton John to name but a few!!

We are proud to have helped all these celebrities little ones learn to swim and gain that all important 'Konfidence' in the water. 

Love the Konfidence Family x