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Konfidence Swimology Scholarship Announcement

14 June 2019 8732 Views No comments

31 Jul 2017 14:26:26


In April we announced the launch of an exciting new Swim Teaching Scholarship programme in partnership with STA and GLL College. We are offering five adults the chance to receive a bursary and train to become a qualified swimming teacher.

Today we are delighted to announce the details of our first two bursary students, who on Monday 17th June will start their teaching journey with GLL College and train to become fully-qualified STA Level 2 Baby and Pre-school Swimming Teachers.

The first of our Class of 2019 is Jo Weighhill, a mum from Kent who in her application shared her passion for teaching swimming and why the bursary will help her to start a new and exciting career that will fit around her young family’s needs.

Jo said: “I'm really looking forward to starting the course on Monday. It will be my first experience of teaching swimming,

and having been a Mum taking part in baby swimming lessons, I'm really intrigued to see what it's like to be on the other side!”

“I can’t wait to learn about what goes into a lesson plan, the things you have to consider from both a safety point of view and also from an enjoyment and progression point of view; how you might deal with a baby that isn’t happy in the water, how you get the most out of a baby who loves the water, and how you manage a number of babies and children at the same time!”

“It will be such a refreshing change from my current day job and I can't wait to get qualified and start my new career!”

Joining Jo on Monday for the week-long STA course is Michelle Earls who currently works in a children’s centre in South East London. In her application she explained that the children’s centre is planning on facilitating swimming lessons for their preschool children because many do not get the opportunity to go swimming with their families.Michelle also confirmed that they’d like to roll out parent and baby swim classes so that families can get their children interested in swimming at an early age and that the teaching bursary would help facilitate this.

Michelle said: “I am really looking forward to this course. Thanks to this bursary, I have been given an amazing opportunity to train and become professionally qualified as a baby and pre-school swimming teacher, so that we can help introduce swimming to many young children in our area - children who wouldn’t normally be given the chance.

“This is very important because as a children’s centre, we not only want our children to learn this essential life skill, but through swimming, we can also offer a broader physical education curriculum and help address the massive rise in childhood obesity in our area.”

Konfidence launched its Swim Teaching Scholarship programme this year as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, and Andrew Regan, the company’s founder said: “Using our Konfidence Swim Jacket is a great way for kids to practice what they have learnt in swimming lessons but nothing is better than a great swimming teacher. Both Jo and Michelle’s motivation for wanting to train to become swimming teachers truly resonates with the whole ethos behind the programme. While they both share a passion for wanting to teach young learners, they each have their own excellent reasons as to why it’s important to them personally. We are delighted that this bursary can help them financially to achieve their goals and we wish them every success in their future career.”

Later in the year, Konfidence will also be calling for more bursary applications in the hope of helping more people like Jo and Michelle train to become a swimming teacher. Follow @KonfidenceUK on Facebook for upcoming announcements.

The Konfidence Swim Teaching Scholarship programme has been set-up in partnership with STA, the UK’s leader in baby swimming teacher training and GLL College who help train hundreds of swimming teachers every year.

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