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Baby Swimwear

Almost all mums and dads want their child to swim. After all, it’s not only one of life's essential skills, but it's healthy and brilliant fun too! It's never too soon to introduce your baby to the water, as the huge increase in baby swimming in the UK over the last seven or eight years has shown.

As well as baby swimming essentials such as baby wetsuits, swim nappies and nappy changing mats, we offer a unique range of baby swimming toys and accessories to encourage your little ones to have fun in the water. From floats to Blinkies, babies will love splashing around with these exciting water toys. To find out more, browse our range of baby swimwear, toys and buoyancy aids online today.

If you have any specific questions on how to prepare your baby, what goes on in baby swimming lessons or what swimwear for babies you need to get started with baby swimming, please click here for baby swimming tips and advice.

Babywarma Baby Wetsuits

Made from soft, thick neoprene, these comfy baby swimming costumes are ideal for keeping your little one warm in cold pools. They also open flat to allow for easy nappy changing with minimal fuss. MultiBuy available with AquaNappies and NeoNappies.

AquaNappy Swim Nappies

The Konfidence AquaNappy incorporates a triple layer design to provide complete protection and security for little swimmers. Soft polyester, recycled PVC and inner mesh combine for the ultimate reusable swimming nappy.

NeoNappy Swim Nappy Covers

When used on top of an AquaNappy, the NeoNappy provides an extra layer of protection for your baby. It is made of soft, stretchy neoprene to provide an impermeable shell, giving you complete peace of mind when heading to the pool with your little one.

Roll & Go Baby Changing Mats

The Roll & Go Baby Changer will make your trip to the pool or the beach a whole lot easier. A soft, cushioned neoprene baby changing mat, it provides a comfortable surface for your little one and a secure nappy changing mat for you.