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Charities We Support

There are countless wonderful and extremely worthwhile charities operating in the UK and worldwide, and of course we would love to be able to support them all! Regrettably this isn't possible, so we have focused on three charities with which we, as a company and as individuals, have an affinity, and in whose respective causes we firmly believe. Each in their own very different ways are making a real difference to people's lives, as well as helping to save lives. So, for 2017 onwards we are devoting our efforts to helping raise awareness and funds for these three terrific organisations. We hope you will too. Thank you from all of us here at Konfidence.

Swimming Teachers' Association (STA)

Swimming Teachers' Association

Founded in 1932, the STA is an educational charity that is dedicated to "The preservation of human life by the teaching of swimming, lifesaving and survival techniques." This objective underpins everything that the STA does, and for the last 85 years has driven their commitment to providing the highest quality qualifications, services and water safety education across the globe.

The STA offers a comprehensive range of professional aquatic teaching qualifications, and through their International Learn to Swim Programme (ILSP) they have taught many millions of children how to swim.

The STA works directly with swim schools, holiday parks and leisure operators to raise standards and improve swimming lesson programmes, ultimately to help give as many people as possible the opportunity to learn how to swim and be water safe.

In partnership with Birthlight, the STA has also developed the Level 3 Diploma in Aquatic Teaching – Baby and Pre-School. This is designed to expand and develop a baby and preschool swimming teacher's current technical knowledge with the latest academic research, which they can then integrate into their swimming lessons.

Click here to visit the Swimming Teachers' Association website

Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust (CAA)

Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust

Cornwall Air Ambulance provides a vital emergency medical service throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

The highly equipped helicopter is on-scene at an incident in an average of just 12 minutes, and can reach the Isles of Scilly in less than 28 minutes. They treat patients on-scene or take them to the hospital that best suits their needs, whether in Cornwall or at specialist hospitals out of the county, such as Derriford's Trauma Unit or the Bristol Children's Hospital. They reach these specialist centres in minutes, rather than the hours it can take by road.

Every year, Cornwall Air Ambulance flies around 700 rescue missions, delivering fast and effective medical care to patients in their moment of need.

Cornwall Air Ambulance was the first service of its kind in the UK, and remains the busiest single helicopter air ambulance in the south west. Since 1987 it has flown more than 26,000 missions, saving countless lives.

CAA receives no direct government funding or National Lottery grants, so they rely on their supporters to raise the £3.5 million they need to keep their lifesaving helicopter and crew flying each year.

Click here to visit the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust website

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC)

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, is the leading charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins.

Their vision is a world in which every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Their mission is to amaze people with the wonder of whales and dolphins, and inspire global action to protect them.

WDC live and breathe their mission, to make their vision a reality. They are an authority on whale and dolphin issues, and are passionate about what they do. WDC work globally through campaigns, lobbying, advising governments, conservation projects, field research, rescue, education and much more.

WDC operate at international meetings and work across many seas and oceans, as well as through their offices in the UK, North America, Argentina, Germany and Australia. The organisation currently works on a range of campaign areas, including:

  • Ending hunting and commercial whaling
  • Achieving recognised rights for whales and dolphins
  • Ending the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity
  • Tackling the issue of bycatch, where whales and dolphins are accidentally caught in fishing gear
  • Creating safe homes for whales, through the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)

In 2017, WDC will celebrate 30 years of working at the forefront of whale and dolphin conservation, and creating real and lasting change.

Click here to visit the Whale and Dolphin Conservation website