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Worried About Water? Build Up Your Confidence for Your Kids

Worried About Water? Build Up Your Confidence for Your Kids
7 November 2014 3114 Views No comments

If your children love the water and enjoy splashing about on a regular basis, it can be difficult if you aren't that confident a swimmer.

If you struggle when you get in the water, you may feel like you can't get involved with games, or it may result in you cutting your kids' swimming time short.

Not having great swimming skills or being nervous around the water can also affect how your children feel about swimming. This is because your little ones can pick up on your cues, which could result in them losing confidence when it comes to getting in the water.

However, there are things you can do to feel more comfortable, increase your swimming ability and help you get more involved with your children's swimming sessions.


It may be a cliché, but practice really does make perfect. The more time you can spend in the water, the more comfortable you will feel.

Going for a swim regularly will also boost your strength and improve your skills so that you are able to push yourself further. This could help you to feel safer in the water, as well as giving you the confidence to help your children and play games with them.

Try to practise without your little ones around, as this will allow you to push yourself without having to keep one eye on them. This will take some of the stress out of the situation, which can make it much easier.


You might think that buoyancy aids are just for children, but if you are nervous in the water they can be hugely beneficial. They support your natural buoyancy, allowing you to achieve the best position in the water.

This can help youto build up your strength, as you don't need to work as hard to stay afloat, while it can also help you feel more comfortable going out of your depth. Just as buoyancy aids can help your children in the water, the Konfidence Adult Jacket could be the perfect tool to help you feel more settled while swimming.

Wearing a buoyancy jacket yourself could also help your little ones to feel comfortable if they need one too. That way they aren't being singled out, so they are likely to feel better about having to put their own jacket on before getting in the water.

Don't push it

If you are swimming with your children you should avoid pushing yourself too far, as this could mean that it becomes obvious to them that you are uncomfortable. You want to keep them happy and confident in the water, so going out of your depth if you don't like deep water, for example, is not a good idea, as your anxiety could affect them.

Children pick up on other people's fears and dislikes very easily, so if you want them to remain happy in the water then you should also be happy. If you want to try something different or push yourself to do something you usually wouldn't, don't do it while they are around.

This also means that you shouldn't push them to do something that you aren't comfortable to do yourself; after all, if they swim to the deep end and you aren't able to do the same if they need help, the situation is unsafe.

Go to lessons

If you want support while you learn to swim or get more confident in the water, you might benefit from adult lessons. It isn't just children who can benefit from structured lessons – they can really help people of all ages to develop their skills and feel happier when having a splash around.

Have a look to see if there are any adult lessons in your area. If you are nervous about going, you can always take someone with you. Even if they don't participate in the lesson but go for moral support, you are bound to feel better.

You shouldn't be embarrassed about going to adult swimming lessons; after all, you won't be the only one there learning to swim. It will also help you to learn the skills you need to keep your children safe in the water, which are invaluable.

At the end of the day, you should take whatever steps you can to help yourself feel better in the water and to increase your swimming ability. Once you get over the initial stages, you'll probably find that you really enjoy heading to the pool, which can then help your children have more fun.