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Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim

Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim
8 August 2019 352 Views No comments

Swimming is a fun and healthy activity and every child should have the opportunity to learn. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Despite barriers to learning for some children, it is an essential life skill and even more important considering that the most common cause of accidental death in children is still drowning. Whilst it is important for safety, learning to swim can also open up opportunities for your child in sports.

So, why exactly should your child learn to swim?


The most common cause for accident child death is drowning, with more than 60 children drowning during the summer every year in the UK. Most of these deaths could have been prevented had these known how to swim.

During our lives, we will likely be near water. Whether this is on a ship or at the beach, having the skill to swim can give you and your child confidence to play without worry in such environments.

Whilst this is one of the most important reasons to enroll your child into swim lessons, it is not the only reason they should learn to swim.


Swimming is an extremely healthy form of exercise, because it involves cardiovascular activity that enhances both heart and lung functions. This is due to the variety of swim strokes and the necessity to be able to control breathing so that water in not inhaled. These swim strokes also help to increase strength, endurance, flexibility and balance due to the range of muscles the exercise uses.

Being active and healthy from a young age can help children avoid health issues like childhood obesity and the undesired affects the condition brings.

Sports Achievements

As children learn to swim they are encouraged to reach target goals, such as being able to swim 100 Metres. These will provide your child with motivation and reward for their learning efforts, hopefully instilling a desire to learn to swim to their fullest potential.

There are also opportunities for children to pursue more water activities with their local clubs or swimming baths, such as competitive or squad swimming. Not only will this give them drive to learn new swimming skills, but will enable them to learn sportsmanship and team-work in an environment they have fun in. We often learn best when we are having fun.

Fun In The Water

Whilst there are several reasons for getting your child to learn to swim, one of the most important is so that they can enjoy themselves when in the water or doing water related activities. Not only will they be confident in their swim ability, enabling them to get more enjoyment from the water, but as a parent can relax with the knowledge that your child will be safe and competent in the water.

Your child will be able to explore more water-based activities other than in the pool due to their ability to swim from learning to kayak at sea to canyoning in a river. The options will be endless.

When everyone can join in and relax, that’s when everyone can enjoy the water the most.

Konfidence understand that we all need to start with the basics when learning to swim and that swimming aids are an important part of the learning process. That is why we have developed a range of swimming aids, buoyancy aids and floatsuits to suit a wide range of age groups, so that no matter when they learn to swim, they can learn safely and confidently.

To find a swim school near you why not try out our handy locator map or for more information on swimming aids to help your child learn to swim, please contact the Konfidence team on 01566 777887 or via our online form.