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Why Should You Take Your Baby Swimming?

Why Should You Take Your Baby Swimming?
10 March 2015 2755 Views No comments

Baby swimming is a great experience for you and your child, meaning it is a good idea to get your little one in the pool at the earliest opportunity. Children from just a few days old can enjoy the benefits of swimming, while you get to make the most of the bond it builds.

If you've never been baby swimming before, you might be wondering exactly why it is a good idea. Here are some of the benefits that you and your child will get out of regular baby swimming sessions.

Helps physical development

Baby swimming provides a total workout for your little one, which is important no matter how young they are. It will help to work all muscles, increase movement and strengthen your child's heart and lungs.

This will help them to grow up strong, as well as improving overall movement and coordination. Regular swimming sessions are great for your little one's health and could get them interested in sport and physical activities for the rest of their life.

Starting early will instil in them the importance of being active, which can be hugely beneficial as they grow up.

Increases water confidence

Getting your little one in the water when they're young will help them to not be afraid of the water as they grow up. They'll feel comfortable in the water and be happy having a splash around.

As well as this, it will help to improve overall confidence, which is important when it comes to social interactions later on.

You may find that you also benefit from increased confidence, not only in the water – which is ideal if you tend to be an anxious swimmer – but also when it comes to handling your little one and understanding their ability.

Helps you to bond

Never underestimate the benefits that skin-to-skin contact offers when it comes to building a great bond with your baby. Baby swimming sessions offer you a chance to enjoy one-to-one time with your little one, allowing you both to focus on each other.

If you have more than one child, it is a great idea for you to go to regular sessions as you'll get to spend time with just your new baby, which may be the only chance you get. This can give you a break from the stress of a busy household while ensuring that you get enough contact with your little one.

Helps with your schedule

It is important to provide a structured schedule for children, so a weekly baby swimming session can help with this. Maintaining a routine helps with familiarity, which ensures that your child understands when it is time to do certain things, such as eat or sleep.

It could also give you something to look forward to, as well as a chance to get out of the house. This can help reduce your stress levels, which results in a calmer baby.

Builds muscle strength

As well as helping with physical development, baby swimming also builds strength, which could help your little one achieve milestones (such as walking) sooner. They actually work their muscles more when they are in the water, so their strength will be better increased with regular swimming sessions.

Helps them learn

Your little ones are constantly learning, with repetition and commands allowing them to build their understanding and have a mental workout. With the repetition of regular baby swimming, you could find that their levels of understanding develop more quickly. This gives them the best start in life and can help them as they grow.

Builds social skills

Being around other babies and adults is important for the development of your baby's social skills. Going to weekly lessons can help get your little one used to being around people who are not family members, further increasing confidence and introducing them to social situations.

This can help with overall socialisation, giving them the skills to be comfortable interacting with others as they grow up.

You may discover that baby swimming sessions provide other benefits for you and your little one that aren't listed here, furthering your child's development. All in all, baby swimming is a great idea and can help your child to start learning and growing from birth.