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Why Is Toddler Swimming Such a Great Idea?

Why Is Toddler Swimming Such a Great Idea?
5 May 2015 2721 Views No comments

If you never headed to the pool with your child when they were a baby, they can still get a lot out of the experience as toddlers. Children aged between 2 and 4 are still perfectly placed to learn how to swim, as well as the increased water confidence that will come with the experience.

While it isn't ever too early to get your little one in the water, toddlers can enjoy swimming a lot because they are at the age where they are better able to control their movements. This means they will be able to learn different strokes.

It is also a great social experience for them, especially if you go to a toddler swimming class. They will be able to make friends and get to know other children their age who live in your area, which is an important aspect of social development.

So, why should you take the plunge and get your toddler in the pool?

Muscle development

While your toddler is growing fast, they still need to engage in regular exercise to help with muscle development. Controlled movements, like those when swimming, help to build muscle strength as well as coordination.

This can help them to grow and improve their fine motor skills, which can help to improve other movements such as walking. It also helps build heart and lung strength, which are vital for overall health and continued growth.

Improves appetite

If your toddler is a fussy eater, swimming could help to put an end to this. The exercise will boost their appetite, meaning they are more likely to eat foods they would usually turn their nose up at.

It is a good idea to swim in between meals, so that you are able to feed them after your session. This is when they will feel their hungriest, so you could end up with less of a struggle at lunch or dinner time.

If you are swimming at a time that is too early for them to have a main meal afterwards, make sure you have a snack and a drink on hand to ensure that they are happy and full.

Creates a bond

As well as being a great idea to help your child's development, swimming with your toddler will also help to strengthen your bond. They'll love having your attention on them in the water, while the fact that it is an enjoyable activity makes it even better.

Improves water confidence

Water confidence starts at home, with the bath being a great way to get them splashing around and enjoying themselves. If they enjoy bath time, the chances are that they will also like swimming.

Even if they aren't keen on getting wet in the comfort of your bathroom, it is still a good idea to head to the pool. You can make them feel more comfortable by supporting their natural buoyancy with an Original Konfidence Jacket.

The jacket will allow them to develop their swimming ability at their own pace, offering support as they become happier in the water. The removable floats allow you to tailor the level of support provided, while the comfortable design means that they can develop their movements unhindered.

Over time, they will be completely confident in the water while still understanding safety aspects.