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Water Games to Help Kids Go Under

Water Games to Help Kids Go Under
12 May 2015 3029 Views No comments

Even if your children are happy swimming in the pool or the sea, they might find the prospect of going under the water a bit daunting. This doesn't mean that they can't swim well, but it could develop into a fear that impacts their enjoyment of the water if it isn't dealt with.

Encouraging your kids to go under the water can help them further develop their swimming ability and ensure they get a lot of enjoyment out of being in the water.

While Vorgee Starfish Goggles can help keep the water out of their eyes so as to improve their vision underwater and make the experience more comfortable, games can help them to feel at ease and make swimming under the surface more fun.

Here are some fun games that everyone can enjoy that will get your kids under the water safely while having fun.

Find the stick

This is a really easy game that allows you to tailor how deep your children have to go, which is ideal for different swimming abilities.

You simply use our DiveStiks, which are designed to sink to the bottom of the pool and stand on end, making it easy for your children to pick them up.

You can line these up in one section of the pool to get your children to race to get them and then get them back to you, with the first person managing being crowned the winner.

Alternatively, you can create a game for one child by setting them in different sections of the pool. Your little one then has to swim to find them, bringing each DiveStik back to you when they've found it. This will require them to go under the water to locate and retrieve the sticks.

Stuck in the mud

This is basically like stuck in the mud on dry land, in that one person is 'it' and has to catch the other players. When they catch someone, that person becomes stuck in the mud and has to stand with their legs apart and arms out.

Other players can free them from the mud by swimming under their legs. If the person who is 'it' manages to get everyone stuck, they win.

Be warned, though – this game can get quite loud and result in a lot of splashing!

Underwater mimic

A fun and easy game is underwater mimic, which you can do with two or more players.

This game requires everyone to stand in a circle – or face to face if there are only two players – and all go underwater at the same time. You then take it in turns to make a silly gesture or movement, which the other players then have to copy.

You come up to the surface in between each turn to take a breath. This can be really amusing and is great for a range of ages.

Who can go further?

For a bit of a competition, why not see how far your children can swim underwater? Rather than just racing, get your little ones to see how far they can go under the water, with each of them stopping and staying in place when they come to the surface.

You can do this so that everyone swims at the same time, or have everyone swim one by one, waiting in place until everyone has swam so you can see who the winner is.