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Water Babies Names Four-Year-Old Swimmer a Little Hero

Water Babies Names Four-Year-Old Swimmer a Little Hero
8 October 2014 1292 Views No comments

Water Babies has voted four-year-old Erin Bradley as one of the most inspiring young swimmers in the UK. The national baby swimming school has named Erin a Little Hero after she learnt to swim before even learning to walk, reports the Western Daily Press.

The four-year-old was diagnosed with hip dysplasia before her second birthday, which meant that she had to undergo extensive surgery. The condition means that Erin's hip socket had not developed correctly, so she had to have a bone graft to make a new hip joint.

The surgery meant that she had to have plaster encasing her hips and legs for a period of 24 weeks, restricting her movement and stopping her from being able to start potty training or have a bath.

Once the plaster was removed, Erin had to build up the strength in her legs to allow her to start walking. She did this by heading to the pool, which enabled her to build up leg muscles to such an extent that she was walking before she started school last month (September).

Previously, her mum Emma had taken her to Water Babies swimming classes at their local pool when Erin was only four weeks old. She told the news reporter: "Her time in the body cast was challenging and heart-breaking to us as a family.

"As soon as the casts were off, we again started swimming and she amazed us all by swimming long before she could weight bear. Erin still falls more than other children her age and she gets tired easier."

As walking was difficult at first due to the lack of strength, swimming helped Erin to enjoy more freedom of movement after being restricted for so long. She is now in a swimming class with children in the year above her at school after her abilities in the water developed so well.

Water Babies performed a search for the most inspiring young swimmers across the UK, leading them to crown her as the Water Babies Little Hero.