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UK's First Public Natural Pool Under Construction

UK's First Public Natural Pool Under Construction
20 November 2014 1763 Views No comments

Work has now started on the first ever public natural swimming pool in the UK. The pool is being created as part of an art project within the King's Cross development. It is due to be finished by the end of this year, at which point it will be left to develop in time for its opening next spring.

The natural pool will be completely chemical-free and come with a maximum depth of 2.8 metres. Covering an area of 2,282 metres, the pool will be the first ever natural one developed for public use, allowing 163 swimmers at any one time.

Natural swimming pools have been developed in the UK since 2008, but have only been created for private use such as in homes or hotels. This latest development has been specifically designed to accommodate large numbers of swimmers on a daily basis.

It has been designed by Austrian company Biotop, with plans seeing it being purified naturally by a regeneration zone. This will be filled with aquatic plants, which will absorb nutrients and oxygenate the water, while recycled materials will be used throughout the construction process.

The natural pool will be suitable for people, but will also help attract a variety of wildlife and insects, resulting in the creation of habitats throughout the planted pool edges.

It is currently being constructed in Cubitt Park, providing views across King's Cross. Developed two metres above ground level, the pool will also allow visitors to reflect on the relationship between urban and natural environments.

Peter Petrich, one of the lead designers, told City Planner: “A natural pond, as part of an exciting art project, is a first for Biotop. We are looking forward to showing Londoners and the UK how a piece of nature in the middle of the city can improve their quality of life, whether that’s in your own garden or within a shared public space such as this."