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Top Tips for Fun and Happy Baby Swimming

Top Tips for Fun and Happy Baby Swimming
20 April 2015 2507 Views No comments

When it comes to baby swimming, as well as the basic things you want to remember, there are a few tips and tricks that can ensure that your baby has the best time possible.

Not only will they help when it comes to making your little one comfortable, but these tips can also make sure that they and you get the most out of the experience.

So, as well as following our basic baby swimming advice, you might want to consider following some of these to keep your swimming sessions as fun and beneficial as possible.

One person in the pool, one out

If you haven't taken your baby into the pool before, you can't guarantee how they might react. Even if they tend to like the bath, there is a lot that is very different about a swimming pool.

As well as the water being deeper and there being more space, your little one will also encounter more noise than they will in your bathroom at home.

This is why it is a good idea to have your partner or another family member waiting out of the pool in case your baby doesn't like the water. That way, you can hand your little one to them to help calm them down. You can then gently splash them with water while they are held on the side of the pool to help them get used to it.

Multiple towels

It's a good idea to have more than one towel with you for your baby – one to take them out of the pool and one to fully dry them off with. Not only does this help to ensure they are completely dry, which is important for keeping them warm, but it also covers you in case they experience a little accident.

Wear easy clothes

It isn't just your baby that you have to get changed – you also need to sort yourself out. This is why it is a good idea to wear an outfit that you can change out of and put back on very quickly.

Not only will this make things easier when it comes to putting your little one down safely while you change, but it also means that you can get them somewhere warm much more quickly, which is important when you've just got out of the pool.

Don't swim straight after feeding

It is a good idea to leave at least 30 minutes between a feed and a swim – or an hour if your baby is on solid food. This helps to avoid accidents or them feeling sick when they are in the pool, although it is not foolproof.

While it is difficult to know when your little one will be hungry, this is generally a good plan to work by, especially as they will be hungry after swimming.

Take a toy with you

It can be a good idea to take a toy to the pool that your baby plays with in the bath. This adds a sense of familiarity to the environment and can help them to feel calmer from the offset.

Even giving them a small toy to hold in the water can make them more comfortable so they get used to the pool faster. They probably won't be interested in it for long, but it is a good way to introduce them to the water.

Let them nap

It is a good idea to find a swimming lesson or go to the pool at a time that fits with their nap schedule, as they will be tired after being in the water. Your baby will need a sleep after the swim, so ideally you want to avoid heading to the pool late on in the day when it might interrupt your baby's bedtime routine.

Make sure they are wrapped up warm after getting out of the water, have had a feed and are comfortable so that they can sleep.