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Taking Your Baby Swimming For The First Time

Taking Your Baby Swimming For The First Time
8 October 2019 455 Views 1 comment

When it comes to preparing your baby for later life, building up their skill base will be at the forefront of your mind. The question is ‘what skills to start with’.

From a young age motor skills are a vital part of anyone’s life from being able to hold onto something or walking to the other side of the room. One vitally important motor skill you can teach your baby, from as young as six weeks, is swimming.

Before you take your baby to any swim classes here is some important information you should know:

What equipment will I need?

When looking to go to these classes you’ll need to make sure that your swim bag has all the right clothing, towels, nappies and toys that you might need when your baby is swimming.

Swim Nappies: these are essential pieces of clothing for your baby. Accidents happen and you want you baby to be as comfortable as possible.

Spare Nappies: in case accidents do occur whilst swimming it is always handy to have at least one or two extra swim nappies, as well as ordinary nappies, on hand.

Dressing Gown/Poncho Towel: the best way to keep your baby warm when they are out of the water is a little dressing gown or poncho towel that can be easily wrapped around them to keep them warm.

Change Of Clothes: we’ve all been there, we’ve got out of the pool to realise that we’ve forgotten a piece of clothing. Make sure to pack your change of clothes the night before, with a checklist to ensure that you have all your and your baby’s clothes.

A Hat: putting a hat on your baby’s head after swimming is a great way of making sure that they stay warm.

Favourite Bath Time Toy: when you take your baby swimming for the first time you want them to be as relaxed as possible and to enjoy themselves. A good way of doing this is by bringing along one or two of their favourite bath toys to reassure them and to distract them from the strange environment.

Any top tips?

Here are some hints and tips that can help you to make sure that you and your baby get the most enjoyment possible from your swim lessons:

  • Try taking your baby swimming when they are fed, rested and not unwell, that way they won’t get tired and upset as they will be relaxed.
  • If the pool temperature is going to be a little under 32◦c then Konfidence would recommend putting them in a wetsuit over their swim nappy, that way they will be warm and comfortable. Baby’s feel the cold more than adults, so if you spot your baby shivering at all take them straight out of the pool and wrap them up to warm up.
  • When changing from wet swimwear into dry clothing get yourself changed first, leaving your baby wrapped in their poncho towel, as this will make the who process less stressful for you both due to you not shivering with cold in your wet swimwear

Can I take my baby swimming if I can’t swim?

Of course you can take your baby swimming!

When you take your baby to swim classes you don’t actually do any swimming. All you need to be able to do is walk along the bottom of a shallow swimming pool.

You could try going to a few sessions at your local pool on your own to build up your confidence in the water before taking your little one, but make sure your baby gets the benefits that come from learning to swim from a young age.

To find a swim school near you why not try out our handy locator map or for more information on swimming aids to help your child learn to swim, please contact the Konfidence team on 01566 777887 or via our online form.

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