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Swimming While Pregnant: The Benefits

Swimming While Pregnant: The Benefits
15 December 2014 1765 Views No comments

It isn't just swimming once your baby is born that is beneficial; getting in the water while pregnant can also be incredibly helpful.

Exercise during pregnancy not only helps you to cope with labour better, but also enables you to get used to your body as your shape and weight change. Regular physical activity helps you to develop your movements in a way that is more comfortable as your pregnancy progresses, helping you to move more easily and maintain energy levels.

However, some people find it quite difficult to exercise during pregnancy, especially during the later stages or if they experience quite a large weight gain. This is perfectly normal and you shouldn't get disheartened.

Instead of struggling with walking or other exercises on dry land, you could give swimming a go.

Swimming is a great choice, as it enables you to go slowly with your exercises, which is advised as your pregnancy progresses. Overdoing it can leave you feeling tired and sore, two things that can be made worse by your pregnancy. Realistically, you should be able to talk while exercising during pregnancy without getting out of breath, which is why swimming is so great.

Heading to the pool during pregnancy also makes exercising easier, because the water will support your weight. This allows you to move more freely without the changes to your body hampering you.

You may also find that the water helps to relax muscles that have been made tense by the changes in your body, which can benefit you once you get out of the pool. Even doing a few laps a couple of times a week can leave you feeling much calmer and more energised.

If you are concerned about the types of exercises you can do in the pool, or you want to try and do more than swim, you may want to look into the types of prenatal water classes your local swimming pool offers. These provide you with an instructor who can help you to develop your movements further, which could help you to feel more prepared for the birth.

Alternatively, if there are no prenatal classes available, try a gentle aqua aerobics class. Just be sure to check that it is suitable for pregnant women, and to sit out if it gets too strenuous.