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Swimming Games for All Seasons

Swimming Games for All Seasons
31 October 2014 2083 Views No comments

While swimming may not be an obvious activity in the winter months, well-heated indoor pools make this excellent source of exercise and fun as suitable as ever. However, children may need encouraging into the water, so make sure that you have some pool-friendly swimming games ready.

Piggy in the middle

This playground favourite can work even better in the water, as goalkeeper-style dives worthy of the England team are much safer when the water breaks your fall. For this three-person game, two players pass a ball back and forth, while the third stands in the middle trying to intercept. For best results, make sure you take a pool-safe ball, such as Konfidence’s Neoprene Swim Ball.

Treasure race

A treasure race is an excellent game for older children and more confident swimmers. You’ll need at least two players and a selection of coloured toys that will sink to the bottom of the pool. Konfidence’s DiveStiks are ideal, as they will stand upright on the pool floor and are numbered from 10 to 40, so children can hunt out specific sticks.

To play treasure race, distribute the toys around the pool and line the players up along the edge. Tell them the colour or number of the ‘treasure’ they need to bring back. Whoever gets back first wins the round, and whoever has the most treasure at the end wins. Just don’t forget your goggles!

Racing ducks (or dolphins, or clownfish, or sharks…)

This game is great for all ages, including non-swimmers. Each player will need a small floating toy, like Konfidence’s Floating & Flashing Blinkies. The goal is to get your toy to the other end of the pool as quickly as possible, but there’s a catch – no one is allowed to touch the toys. They can only be moved by splashing.

Mother may I?

Mother may I? is a variant of What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?. In this game one player is Mother (or Father, if you prefer), who faces the others, who are the children, from opposite ends of the pool. The children ask permission to move closer, using the phrase “Mother may I?”. They must ask for a set number of whatever actions they want to make, like five steps or two strokes.

Mother can then say “yes, you may” or “no, but you may [something else]”. The players can be as creative as possible in their requests or instructions as they like, and Mother may even send them backwards if she wants. The winner is the first one to reach Mother.

The deportment game

Once upon a time, young ladies had to balance books on their head to improve their posture. Now, children can balance foam floats on their heads and see how far they can get across the pool, just for fun! If your swimmers are balancing pros, why not make it harder with an unusually shaped float, like Konfidence’s Quikfinz Dolphin Float?

These are just a few of the great pool games you can use to keep children active and happy in the pool all the way through to spring!