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Swimming "Can Cheer You Up"

Swimming "Can Cheer You Up"
21 July 2014 2675 Views No comments

Did you know that swimming can make you happy? A recent study has found that swimming could be beneficial when it comes to lifting your mood, which is good news for those of you wanting to make your kids happy this summer.

Research conducted by Mindlab International on behalf of British Gas SwimBritain has found that going for regular swims isn't just good for promoting a healthy lifestyle, but also helps you to feel more content. Making time to hit the beach or go to the pool this summer could help you to sleep better, ensure that your mood is kept positive and result in happy, healthy children.

According to the four-week study, positivity increased by a whopping 35 per cent thanks to regular swimming. And it isn't just those who swim a lot that feel the benefits – taking time to swim just a few laps each week can make you feel better almost instantly.

So, what figures did the study come up with? It was found that the low-impact sport boosted the quality of sleep by 40 per cent, which can have a big impact on how you feel every day. General fitness saw a change of +15 per cent, while energy levels saw a 50 per cent increase.

It was found that those who enjoyed some light swimming every week saw a 20 per cent rise in overall wellbeing after just one week. The study found that these levels stayed the same for the full four weeks, hitting 29 per cent in the last week of the study.

The effect on emotions was also good news, as negative feelings fell by 33 per cent, accompanied by positive emotions increasing by 35 per cent. This is great news for those whose children can be a bit grumpy at times, as regular swimming could result in your little ones being little angels a greater proportion of the time.

Juliane Shulz, lead researcher on the study, said: “It's commonly known swimming is one the best forms of exercise to keep fit, but this report has taken a look at the further benefits that a couple of swimming sessions a week can have. It's interesting to see that not only did the wellbeing of participants improve, but it happened almost immediately, which can provide some welcome relief to the stresses of everyday life.”

So, what are you waiting for? Cheer the whole family up this summer by heading into the water. Even those who aren't confident swimmers can enjoy it, especially if you kit them out with an Original Konfidence Jacket or the Konfidence Adult Jacket.