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Swimming as a Family Over the Summer

Swimming as a Family Over the Summer
26 November 2014 1716 Views No comments

Guest post by Katie Ellison, from the multi award-winning blog Mummy Daddy Me.

The leaves are falling off the trees, it’s getting dark by 4pm and we have fished the woolly hats out from the back of the wardrobe – autumn is officially here and it seems like summer passed by in a blur of happy adventures, memory making and above all, lots of fun.

As a family we really have enjoyed swimming together, and 2014 was definitely the summer where my eldest daughter found her confidence in the water. In the space of just a few short months, she has gone from clinging to you whenever you went in the water to swimming on her own, jumping in and generally being a complete fish in the water. We are so proud of her and swimming is now one of her favourite things to do – in fact, she asks us most days if she can go.

I attribute this new-found confidence to a number of different things – firstly, the fact that we have gone a lot more over the summer months; secondly, the fact that she did a couple of terms of swimming lessons (although we stopped for a while over the summer as we were so busy); and thirdly, because of her Original Konfidence Jacket.

Her Konfidence Jacket has really given her that little bit of extra reassurance that it is okay to let go of us and try to swim for herself. It also makes me feel safe, especially on our holiday to Rhodes, where she was walking round the pool area a lot. We only ordered it the day before we went away as a last minute thought, but I don’t think we could have done without it while we were there. It has done absolute wonders for her confidence and she will even jump in the pool now she has it on.

We still use the whole buoyancy for her, but it is great to know that as she gets more confident we can take some of the floats out. I would genuinely recommend them to anyone, and funnily enough I was impressed to see that our resort used them on all the children, too.

Likewise, while we were away on holiday we wouldn’t have been without our Konfidence UV Clothing. I didn’t think we would use them as much as we did, as I had bought my two girls some very cute swimming costumes and other beach clothing, but we ended up using them all day every day. It was so reassuring to put them on and know they had protection from the sun, and my eldest daughter loved wearing hers. The hats were also great for the back of their necks, although we did struggle getting my toddler to keep hers on. They yet again made our holiday that little bit easier, and we also used them throughout the summer in the garden and on trips out.

We are really lucky that a member of our family has an indoor pool, so our love of swimming shows no sign of waning. In fact, we have been going most weeks as my eldest daughter really does love it. Here’s to our autumn adventures continuing!