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Say No to Little Accidents: Nappies and Baby Swimming

Say No to Little Accidents: Nappies and Baby Swimming
10 April 2015 3538 Views No comments

If you're thinking about heading to the pool with your little one to make a start on baby swimming, there are a few things you need to think about. One of the most important items on the list is the type of nappy you need to kit your kid out with.

There are a few things you can rely on a baby for, one of which is the fact that they will go to the toilet whenever they need to. Even toddlers who are toilet trained can get over-excited when swimming and forget to pay attention to the warning signs.

While there's nothing you can do about your little one needing the toilet while swimming, you can do your best to ensure that any little accident doesn't affect the water for anyone else. This is where a swim nappy comes in use.

Peace of mind

If you're worried about little accidents, it is important to know that these shouldn't stop you or your little one from enjoying baby swimming classes.

While your usual swimwear doesn't protect against your child going toilet while in the pool and standard nappies aren't suitable for going in the water, you can get nappies that are designed for being in the water.

Swim nappies are designed to avoid the problems faced by going in the water with no nappy, or with standard varieties. They don't swell up when in the water and help to keep any accident from leaking into the pool.

The Konfidence AquaNappy has been designed to offer perfect protection against accidents as your little one grows. It has a one-size-fits-all design, meaning that it is suitable from three months up to around 30 months, ensuring you get plenty of use from it.

It has a three-layer design, offering triple protection that can be sized to fit your baby perfectly. You don't need any inserts, as it contains everything in one item to protect your little one from accidents. You can simply put it on and get in the pool.

Double protection

While the AquaNappy is the swim nappy itself, some swim schools insist on another layer of protection. It is important to check with your swim school to see what they require to ensure that you come fully prepared.

The extra layer of protection serves to ensure that no little accidents spill from the nappy. As your little one will be moving around a lot in the water, this can sometimes happen, so the Konfidence NeoNappy is the ideal solution to offer that extra protection.

The NeoNappy features a neoprene shell that is very soft and allows for natural movement, while the high-quality Lycra leg and waist hems stop any leakages from escaping further by forming a comfortable shield.

As the NeoNappy is so soft and easy to wear, your little one won't experience any red marks or rashes and will stay comfortable in the water. It is also available in a number of colours, so you can get your little one involved in picking their favourite as they get older.

Once you have both of these products, you don't have to worry about any embarrassing accidents when you're in the water and can just focus on having a fun bonding experience with your baby.