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Protecting Their Peepers: Why Are Sunglasses Important for Kids?

Protecting Their Peepers: Why Are Sunglasses Important for Kids?
2 July 2014 1953 Views No comments

We all know the dangers of UV rays, especially on children. This is why one of the first things to get packed when heading to the beach or outdoor pool is the sun cream.

Although parents are taking steps to protect their children's skin, many people are forgetting that their eyes also need to be saved from the sun.

Sunglasses have become a staple fashion item, which is perhaps why some parents overlook the fact that they serve an important function as well as finishing off an outfit. The whole idea of sunglasses as a fashion statement leads many to forget about buying them for their youngsters as well as themselves.

In fact, children's eyes – just like their skin – are much more sensitive than adults, so they are in greater need of sunglasses than you are.

Your kid's eyes have much wider pupils than yours, and their ocular tissues are clearer. Both of these factors mean that more light can penetrate them, allowing around 7.5 times more UV rays to enter a child's eyes than an adult's.

According to Eyecare Trust, children's retinas are exposed to around 70 per cent more UV light than adults, meaning they are more prone to damage, which over time can affect their eyesight and overall eye health.

In order to reduce the amount of UV rays making their way to the retina of your children's eyes, you should ensure that they are wearing sunglasses with UV protection when out and about.

Even if the day isn't particularly bright, their eyes can still be affected by UV rays, so it is a good idea to get them used to wearing shades while outside.

Sunglasses are particularly important when your children are swimming in the sea or an outdoor pool, as the sunlight can be intensified and can actually cause temporary blindness – known as snow blindness.

For extra protection for your child's eyes on sunny days – or if getting them to wear sunglasses can be a nightmare – you can also kit them out with one of our UV Sun Protection Hats. These will help to shade their eyes, while also protecting their head and neck from getting burnt.