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Pool Safety for Your Children

Pool Safety for Your Children
18 May 2015 4249 Views 1 comment

Now that summer is much closer, you're probably thinking about spending some time at the pool with your little ones.

Whether you're just heading to the local pool on a summer day or are going to be enjoying a cool dip in the water while on holiday, you need to ensure that your children understand how to stay safe.

Pool safety is vital, whether you swim regularly or only every now and then. Ensuring that your children understand the correct ways to act in the water and while around the pool can help to avoid injury.

Here are some of the most important things they should know, although it is worth checking what rules a pool has in place.

Don't run

Your children can get easily excited in and around the pool, especially if you are on holiday. While it's fine for them to splash around in the pool and swim fast, they need to understand that they can't run in the pool area.

No matter whether the pool area is tiled or concrete, when the floor is wet it will be slippery. This means that they could easily fall over and injure themselves or someone else.

The same goes for when they have just got out of the pool, as having wet feet also results in a slipping hazard.

Check the depth

It is important that your children check how deep the pool is before getting in, especially if they haven't been to it before. This is especially important if they are still learning to swim or are not strong swimmers, as they need to know at what point they are out of their depth.

It's a good idea to teach them to always get in the shallow end of the pool so they can stand up while they get used to the water. It also ensures they know straight away which is the shallow end in case they get into difficulty.

No jumping

Some pools have no jumping and diving policies, especially if they are a single depth. You should check what the pool's policy is before your little ones get in the water.

Even if pools do allow jumping and diving, your children should first check the depth of the pool before jumping in. This will ensure they are diving at the right point, which can avoid them being too shallow and injuring themselves.

Adult supervision

Very young children should not be in the pool without an adult present, so they need to know to wait for you before getting in the water. Even if there is a lifeguard present, you or another adult should be in the water, too.

Older children may be okay to swim without you by their side if they are confident. However, you should still be close by at the side of the pool just in case. This can avoid accidents and give you peace of mind.

No pushing

Children might think it's fun to push one another into the water, but this can result in injury or a less confident swimmer getting into difficulty. It is important that your kids know not to push each other or other children into the water, even if they see other people doing it.

Pool 10 January 2019 at 09:56
You mention a great topic. Cleaning and safety of pool always have Major Issue For Children health Problem. So its always have the first priority.