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Plymouth Baby Learns to Swim at Just One Day Old!

Plymouth Baby Learns to Swim at Just One Day Old!
26 September 2014 1683 Views No comments

It is always best to get your children in the water as early as possible so that they become used to swimming before they have a chance to become nervous about it. However, few babies have been introduced to the pool as soon as Phoenix Elwell of Plymouth was, as he ended up having a swimming lesson at just one day old!

Before he could walk, speak or even smile, Phoenix was taking the plunge in a Water Babies class designed for young infants. It is thought that this makes Phoenix the youngest ever swimmer in the UK.

Most of the children who attend the Water Babies class are around six weeks old. Phoenix is their youngest student, but they have taught children who were just two days old before. It is surprisingly easy and safe to get babies into the water, but why are people doing it so early?

In Phoenix's case, it is because he and his family live in Plymouth by the sea. His dad, Simon Elwell, wants him to be as safe as possible living by the ocean so that Phoenix doesn't end up in any trouble when he is older due to a lack of confidence or swimming ability.

"As we live on the coast and regularly have the opportunity to be out on the water, I'd like to help develop the confidence with Phoenix, that gives him that safety consciousness in the water environment while at this vulnerable age," Mr Elwell told the Plymouth Herald. "Why not develop this essential life skill from that first moment they start their quest for knowledge!"

Taking your baby swimming at an early age is a great idea, as long as you are careful. It will give them a real head start on learning, while boosting their confidence. You need to remember that they will not be able to talk to you if anything is wrong, though.

For example, your baby might get cold in the water without you knowing. You can safeguard them from this by putting them in a Konfidence Babywarma. This will help to keep them warm, even if they are as little as one-day-old Phoenix.