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Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Adlington Announces Pregnancy

Olympic Swimmer Rebecca Adlington Announces Pregnancy
1 December 2014 1797 Views No comments

Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington has announced that she is pregnant with her first child. The gold medallist, who married her partner just three months ago, recently revealed that she is expecting a baby in 2015 and is considering having a water birth.

In an exclusive with Hello! Magazine, Adlington announced that she is due on June 4th after conceiving on the first day of their honeymoon in Venice. With both her and her husband being swimmers, it seems quite fitting that they conceived in the water city.

She continued to say that when it comes to her birth plan a water birth is at the top of the list, but she knows that you can't always plan these things out. Rebecca told the magazine that she wants the process to be as natural as possible, so a water birth seems like a good idea.

So far though, things are progressing well, with the first scan showing that the baby is developing normally.

This all seems to be the perfect next step in their relationship, which started when Rebecca was introduced to Harry Needs – her now-husband – at the swimming centre they both used for training by a mutual friend.

We've no doubt that whether or not Rebecca has a water birth, with both parents being swimmers, the little one is likely to be a water baby. We're looking forward to seeing how the new parents deal with baby swimming next year; their newborn could be a natural.

If your baby is due next summer or you already have a little one, it is a good idea to look into baby swimming. Not only does it provide a brilliant bonding experience, but it also helps your child to develop their movements in a comfortable environment.

Boosting confidence, wellbeing and helping with muscle development, there is a long list of benefits offered by swimming with your baby or young child. You can get them in the water nice and early, as you don't even have to wait for them to be fully immunised.