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Most Parents Want Their Children Swimming Before School Age

Most Parents Want Their Children Swimming Before School Age
4 September 2014 1568 Views No comments

A new survey has found that the majority of parents want their children to know how to swim before they start school. The information comes from a Mumsnet survey of 389 people in Norfolk, which found that 71 per cent of parents want their children to have learnt how to swim before they reach school age.

The Lynn News reports that the survey was intended to find out what people's attitudes are when it comes to swimming. Despite the strong support of children learning to swim early on, only 68 per cent of children aged one to three have had formal swimming lessons, according to the survey.

However, a significant number of children from this age bracket have at least been swimming once, with 84 per cent being taken to the pool one or more times, regardless of whether it was for a lesson.

The news provider reports that Catherine Hanley from Mumsnet said: “The embarrassment of your children forgetting to say please or thank you to their teacher or relative is something we have all experienced, but a less obvious life skill to develop with your child is being confident in the water. That’s why it’s great for safety, bonding and fun to get your baby or child used to the water in safe way at a young age.”

In terms of a bonding experience between parent and baby, most people thought that swimming was the most effective, with 62 per cent putting it in the top spot. Other bonding activities that proved popular were baby massage (24 per cent), soft play (19 per cent) and baby yoga (18 per cent). The survey was performed by Mumsnet in association with Huggies.

If you want your child to learn how to swim before they reach school age, taking them to swimming classes is a great way to ensure they develop their skills. You can take children swimming from a young age, while classes are also available for older children that have little experience of the water.

Products like the Original Konfidence Jacket can help older children to feel safer in the water, while the Konfidence AquaNappy can help with the practical aspects of baby swimming.