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Making Your Child More Water Confident

Making Your Child More Water Confident
23 July 2014 1876 Views No comments

Swimming is a fun activity in which the whole family can get involved. However, if your child isn't water confident, a fun activity can quickly become incredibly stressful for them. Building up your child's confidence when in and around water can help them to become a better swimmer, but can also help them to enjoy going to the pool or beach.

One of the easiest ways to get your child happy in the water is to introduce them to it at the earliest opportunity. Baby swimming is the perfect option, as it gets them into the water at a young age and helps them to develop swimming skills. It also helps them to feel relaxed when in the water, as it becomes second nature to them.

Unfortunately, if your child is older and still nervous in the water, this tip won't help. However, there are other ways you can increase their confidence and get them splashing around.


Increasing your child's buoyancy in the water can help them to feel less stressed and a lot safer. While inflatables like armbands and rubber rings can do this, they also restrict your child's movements, which can hamper the development of swimming skills.

Instead, using something discreet that works with their natural buoyancy – like the Original Konfidence Jacket – means that natural movement is possible. Just putting on the jacket can instantly make your child feel braver and happier to get in the water.

The jacket has removable foam floats, so you are able to alter the level of buoyancy provided as your child's confidence grows.

Don't get stressed

It can be stressful for parents when their children don't want to go in the water, but it is important that you stay calm and make it fun for them. Getting frustrated will only make them more nervous and could damage any progress you've made.

It is important that you move at their pace and use encouragement to get them onto the next stage. Trying to force the issue will only make them dig their heels in and could mean they never enjoy the water.

Introduce them to the water in an environment in which they feel safe and make sure that you stay with them. Get into the water to show them it's perfectly okay, even if this means they remain seated on the side of the pool. Small steps are more likely to yield better results.

Make it fun

A great way to get your little one into the water is by playing games with them. More often than not, this will help them to forget they are scared and will actually help develop their water skills without them realising.

You can get your child used to getting part of their face wet by using floating toys. Our Floating & Flashing Blinkies can be used to encourage children, as you can have them put their mouth underwater to blow them along. This will help them to see that getting their face wet isn't so bad and can actually get them ready to go under the water.

You could even get them involved in making up games for you to play, as they are likely to choose something they are comfortable with. As their confidence grows, get them to make up new rules that see them get in the water even more.

With perseverance, your child will start to love the water and their confidence will increase.