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Make Baths Fun and Safe for Babies

Make Baths Fun and Safe for Babies
7 May 2015 1947 Views No comments

Bathtime is important for your baby, not just because it is a huge part of their hygiene and health, but also because it is their first experience of water. Getting bathtime right can help them enjoy being in the water, which can make it easier on you when it comes to taking them baby swimming.

So, how do you make bathtime a safe and fun experience for your little one? Here are some tips that can help.

Don't start with the tub

It is important that you start off with sponge baths when your baby is first born until the umbilical cord has fallen off. Once past this stage, you can give your little one a proper bath and get them splashing around.

Baby baths

It is a good idea to start off with a contoured baby bath, as these are comfortable for your little one and are a safer option than a bath seat that is kept in place with suction cups, which can come unstuck.

Fill it with lukewarm water before you put your baby in the bath. You can test the temperature of the water by dipping your elbow in it. The water should be warm but not hot, while also not being so cold that it is uncomfortable for baby.

You should test the water throughout the bathing period to ensure that your little one doesn't get cold.

If you want to make the bath more interesting for them, try adding some baby bubble bath, which will add another sensation they are sure to love. You should also use a gentle baby wash and a soft flannel to ensure that they are totally clean.

Get them splashing

You want your baby to have fun in the water, as this makes it a positive experience. Gently splash them with water while talking to them encouragingly. This will help them to feel safe and happy, while also getting them to move and explore the sensation of the water – just be aware that you'll probably get wet!

When they are used to bathtime, you can add more stimulation by introducing toys, such as our Floating & Flashing Blinkies. This keeps baths fun and helps with their learning.

If your baby finds the water really exciting and gets quite stimulated by their bathtime, stick to morning baths so that they are ready for the rest of the day. Your little one may feel quite relaxed in the water, getting quite mellowed out. If this is the case, have bedtime baths.

Regular, but not every day

When it comes to how regularly you should bathe your baby, you don't need to get them in the bath every day. A few times a week is absolutely fine, unless they have gotten themselves a bit messy.

Just make sure that you keep their hands, face, neck and nappy area clean, using wipes and a warm, wet flannel on a daily basis. This can avoid skin irritations and keep them healthy.

If your baby's hair seems dirty between baths, you can use a flannel and some tear-free baby shampoo to clean it quickly and easily.

Keep things within reach

Before putting your baby in the bath, set everything up. You should put everything you are going to need during the bath and for getting your little one out of the tub within arm's reach.

This means that you never have to move away from the bath or take your eyes off your baby when they are in the water. It is a good idea to keep one hand on your little one at all times, as this will help you to ensure that the water is warm enough and that they feel safe.

Getting them out of the tub

When bathtime is over, you should get your baby out of the water and wrap them up as quickly as you can. Your baby can't regulate their own temperature, so you need to keep them warm.

Drying them off is just as important as making them happy in the water, as it is all part of the bath experience. Keep your baby wrapped up while drying them thoroughly to avoid skin irritation.

Once they are totally dry, get them in their nappy and clothes ready for the day or for bed.