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Konfidence's Summer of the Swim Jacket

Konfidence's Summer of the Swim Jacket
18 May 2017 5668 Views No comments

For Konfidence this year, it's all about the 'Summer of the Swim Jacket'. We want to promote the benefits of our Original Konfidence Swim Jacket to parents going on holiday this summer to the beach or pool with their children.

Andy Regan, founder of Konfidence and designer of the swim jacket, said: "When we think of going to the beach or the pool with our children, we think about swimwear, sun protection, toys, inflatables, etc. But what about swimming aids – and more so, swimming aids that not only encourage a child to be confident in and around water, but also give parents peace of mind?"

The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket is already a firm favourite with parents and swimming teachers in over 25 countries worldwide. Andy says: "This summer, we want to push the message out further to a new generation of parents and promote why it is an essential piece of holiday kit, and why it is the number one learn to swim jacket with adjustable buoyancy."

Why choose the Original Konfidence Swim Jacket?

The principle behind our swim jacket is to help children aged from 18 months to 7 years to learn to swim safely and with confidence. The jacket's British design features an easy-to-use eight removable float system, which is fixed around the wearer's torso and, most importantly, below the water line. This provides the stability needed to give the wearer confidence and freedom in the water, whilst crucially allowing their arms to remain free and unencumbered, helping them to learn and practise swimming strokes.

However, it's the attention to detail that sets Konfidence's jacket apart. Not only is it made from a premium high-grade soft neoprene, but it also features a host of child-friendly features that have been designed for a learner's comfort and safety. Most notable is its iconic bright yellow high-visibility back and 100% UV protection across all covered parts, both of which add to its 'must-have' holiday safety credentials for parents.

Andy adds: "While the swim jacket has been designed to aid a children's swimming ability, over the years it has become more obvious that its use is also as important for parents' own confidence – it gives mums and dads an added layer of security while on holiday, as it cannot be easily removed like other swimming aids. Having a buoyancy aid fixed to a child's torso also makes jumping in the pool on holiday into mum or dad's arms lots of fun, in addition to the freedom and fun younger children get from being able to swim with older siblings in confidence and safety."

But my child can swim...

A big misconception is that children who can swim don't need a jacket. Andy says: "First and foremost, all children should be supervised by a responsible adult when they are in the water, but even then no young child is ever 100% safe, especially on holiday on a crowded beach or in a crowded pool.

"Most children love to play for hours in or at the side of the pool, but they get tired. The jacket gives them supporting buoyancy, and you will have the time to reach them if they are in difficulty – it only takes a few seconds for you to take your eye off them, especially if you are supervising more than one child in the pool. The high-visibility yellow back also helps greatly to spot your child.

"Plus, as our swim jacket designs are not 'baby-ish' or restrictive, like armbands or rubber rings, children of all ages are quite happy wearing them. My own children wore them until they were around 7 or 8 years of age!"

Choice of designs

Last summer, Konfidence added four new fashion-led designs to our UK range, which resulted in the Cornish-based company winning Gold for Best Children's Swimwear at the prestigious 2016 Junior Design Awards – all adding to it becoming the swim jacket to be seen in.

These new British designs include beach chic-themed nautical stripes, a pink and navy ladybird polka style, and a Scoot the Clownfish character design. Andy says: "They now sit perfectly alongside the current range of surf-inspired patterns, sports designs and an official Octonauts-licensed jacket to give parents with children aged 18 months to 7 years a wide selection of choice, ready for their next holiday or day out at the beach."

Swimology – swimming as a key life skill

Core to Konfidence's ethos is an old saying called 'Swimology': "You may study all the '-ologies' of the world, but if you do not learn swimology, all your studies are useless."

"Fundamentally, learning to swim is a key life skill," explains Andy. "We want our products to give young children the confidence to learn to swim safely and to give them the freedom to enjoy playing in the water on holiday or for leisure at their local pool, with parents, family and friends."