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Kevin Jonas Takes Daugher for a Splash in the Sea

Kevin Jonas Takes Daugher for a Splash in the Sea
2 September 2014 1844 Views No comments

More and more celebrities are finding out about the benefits of baby swimming and choosing to take their little ones for a splash about. The latest celeb to head to the water with their baby in tow is popstar Kevin Jonas.

The 26-year-old singer and actor took his baby daughter Alena to the beach for a bit of a swim. Kevin's wife Danielle posted a video on Instagram showing their daughter having a rather excited splash around in the shallows of a sunny beach.

Alena looked as though she could be a strong swimmer as her arms and legs splashed around ferociously. Luckily, Kevin held onto the tot, so she was able to do little more than get them both wet. The seven-month-old certainly looked like a little water baby in the adorable video, which also showed Kevin picking Alena up and telling the camera that they were having fun.

Getting your baby comfortable in the water is great for their development, helping them to practise different movements, build up muscle and increase overall confidence.

You can introduce them to water in a number of ways, but the easiest is actually within your own home. Helping them to enjoy the bath by stimulating them with toys and gently splashing them with water is a great way to help them be happy in the water.

It is also the perfect precursor to going baby swimming, as heading into a larger body of water won't be such a shock if they are generally happy in the bathtub.

But it isn't just pools that can be fun for baby. You could also take a leaf out of Kevin's book and enjoy the last warm days of summer by taking your little one to the beach.

This will give them a chance to experience a different type of water, while also getting to enjoy the tactile experience of playing in the sand. However, it should be remembered that the sea is much colder than a heated swimming pool, which means that your tot could feel the cold much quicker.

With this in mind, you should take them out of the water if they start to get cold. You can also dress them in a Konfidence Babywarma, which will help them to stay warm for longer while also providing UV protection.