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Keep Your Kids Swimming This Winter

Keep Your Kids Swimming This Winter
12 November 2014 1902 Views No comments

When winter really hits, a lot of parents will stop their children's swimming lessons; waiting until things warm up again to head to the pool. There really isn't any reason to do this, especially if you want to keep your children progressing.

In fact, stopping your children's lessons for a few months could actually set them back in the development of their swimming skills. It is a good idea to maintain your routine and keep them swimming regularly in order to build up their strength and confidence for the summer months.

As winter tends to include a lot of staying inside, avoiding the elements and eating festive treats, it is also a good idea to ensure that your kids are getting regular exercise. This will help to keep them healthy, happy and energised until friendlier weather arrives.

Not only is swimming in winter a good idea for all of these reasons, but there are also a number of benefits to winter swimming lessons.

Easier to schedule

As children will have gone back to school, there will be fewer kids' daytime activities happening at your local swimming pool. This means there are likely to be more options in terms of class times.

If your children aren't yet in school, this could mean that you are able to go to daytime classes, making it easier for you to plan your schedule. Even if there aren't lessons happening during the day, the pool will be much emptier, so you can enjoy a swim session with your little ones without having to fight through crowds.

Smaller classes

Because so many parents stop their children's lessons in the winter, classes are often much smaller. This can help your little ones get more one-on-one time with an instructor to help them with any issues they might be having.

You may also find that this means you can leave the pool much more quickly, as there will be fewer people fighting for a space in the changing rooms. This will help to make your trip to the pool much easier.

Different instructors

You may also find that there are different swimming instructors during the winter months, which can help your children to experience different styles of teaching. This could be beneficial if they haven't quite clicked with a previous instructor.

It could be that having a lesson with a different teacher leads them to come on leaps and bounds in terms of swimming ability.


Some pools lower the cost of swimming sessions during the winter months to encourage more people to have a swim. While this isn't the case with all pools, it is worth seeing if yours provides a winter discount, as it could be a cheaper activity for your kids than it is during the summer.

This could mean that you save money, but can also make the most of the reduced cost to head to pool even more, keeping the family active.


There's no doubt about it – swimming is fun for your little ones no matter the time of year. If they really enjoy heading to the pool, it would be a shame to stop them from doing something they love; especially when there is no reason to.

Keeping up with their swimming lessons or just having a family day at the pool can help maintain their enjoyment and ensure they aren't missing out on time with their friends.