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Is Your Child Scared Of The Water And How Can You Encourage Them To Swim

Is Your Child Scared Of The Water And How Can You Encourage Them To Swim
31 October 2019 1031 Views No comments

The reasons why children suddenly discover a fear of water are often unknown, the fear could come from something like their face going under the water when they weren’t expecting it too. Regardless of the cause, it is best to try and help your child to overcome it.

Here are some ways that you can help:

Don’t Rush Them

Making your child get into the water when they are scared and don’t want to can have a negative effect and increase the fear. By allowing them to gradually get into the water, be it dipping feet in first and then further, you are creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for them to overcome their fear in. This approach is much better for both you and your child.

Use Swim Jackets

By using swim jackets you are allowing your child to feel safe in the water, and have fun in the swimming environment from the get go, meaning they are less likely to be afraid and therefore have confidence to move about effectively in the water.

Create Excitement About Water

Associating water with fun is one of the best ways to overcome fear of it. Replace fear with enjoyment. This can be achieved by bringing toys along to swimming sessions or by developing games to play with them in the water.

Invite Friends

Another way to bring enjoyment to time spent in the water is by going along with somebody else they know. This will create an atmosphere of excitement around water, but will give your child further confidence. When children are around their friend, they tend to be more confident and this is usually, because once they have seen someone else do something, then they are happy to do it themselves.

Swim Goggles

Wearing swimming goggles will leave your child with comfortable eyes and boost their confidence as they will be able to see everything both above and below the water.

Bath Time

When it comes to trying to help a child get past a fear of water, doing so whilst in the bath is a good place to start. Try keeping them in the bath for a bit longer than normal so that they get used to the feel of water and introduce fun elements to bath time so that they forget they’re in the water. By doing this in an environment that they are used to already, they will be slightly more relaxed and therefore more likely to overcome their fear.

Go In The Water Yourself

Children often copy the actions of their parents and the same goes for fears. If a child sees that you are scared or reluctant to get into the water then they will be too. By going into the water with your child you are showing them that it is okay and giving them confidence to go in themselves.

Top Tips For Managing A Child’s Fear Of Water

  • Take your child’s fear seriously
  • Don’t draw attention to the fear
  • Praise and encourage your child when they make steps towards overcoming their fear
  • Try and break the steps to getting past the fear into manageable, small steps
  • Frequently reassure your child that they are safe
  • Find storybooks that have characters that overcome a fear of water, so that your child can relate to them and feel that what they are feeling is normal
  • Use swim jackets – by using these your child will not have any feeling of restriction that could panic them and enables them to be comfortable when in the water

A fear of water is quite common and with the support of a parent it can be overcome.

For more helpful tips or information on helping your child to overcome a fear of water, please contact the Konfidence team on 01566 777887 or via our online form.