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Indoor Water Games for Winter Weather

Indoor Water Games for Winter Weather
3 December 2014 2350 Views No comments

Now that December has arrived and the temperatures are set to drop, it can be difficult to find things for your little ones to do at home that don't require you having to go outside.

After such a lovely summer and plenty of opportunities for you to head out with the kids for some fun in the sun, you can be left feeling a bit disheartened and they can end up bored.

It is especially hard if you are trying to increase your child's confidence in and around water, as you don't have the option of going to the beach or outdoor swimming pools.

While there are still indoor swimming sessions available, it is a good idea to have something up your sleeve should you need a home activity.

Getting your children to play indoor water games may not help boost their swimming ability, but it can help them to see that water can be fun. This can increase confidence and make them more willing to try getting in the pool when the time comes.

Indoor water games also offer great learning options and are easy to create – not to mention easy to clean up – cutting down your costs and keeping your kids happy.

Here are some great games you can try playing this winter.

Bathtub fishing

All you need for this game are some waterproof fridge magnets and a 'fishing rod'. The fishing rod only needs to be a good sized stick with string attached to the end. The string should have a magnet tied to the bottom so that it can pick up other magnets.

Once the rod is sorted, put some water in the bath – it doesn't have to be full – and drop the fridge magnets in. Your kids then have to 'catch' all of the magnets.

You can change things up a bit by giving them each a specific colour so that they have to catch all of the magnets in the colour. The first person to get them all is then the winner.

You could also set a time limit so that the person who catches the most in a minute wins, or you could just let them enjoy some leisurely fishing.

Rice in water

This is a reasonably simple activity, but it can help teach your little ones about different weights and how things sink in water. Not only is this educational, but it also helps instil some aspects of water safety.

You just need a big tray that can have water poured in it. Ideally the tray should be quite deep to avoid a lot of overspill, and it should be large enough to allow your children to play together, but not so large it is difficult to empty.

Pour in some normal rice before popping water in, supply your little ones with plastic cups, scoops and sieves, and just let them explore. You'll be surprised at the level of enjoyment they get out of this activity.

Glow bath

While not really an activity, this is a great way to make bath time more fun and can get even reluctant children into the water. All you need is around two litres of tonic water and a UV light.

Tonic water has no harmful chemicals, so popping this in with bath water won't affect your children's skin. It also isn't sticky, so is still a good option for bath time.

The tonic contains a naturally occurring chemical that actually glows blue under UV light, creating a really fun bath time environment. Just pour it in with the bathwater, turn the UV light on and the normal light off.

You could even take it a step further by putting up glowing stars on the bathroom walls to create a space bath. This really is a great way to get nervous children happier in the water.