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Improving the Confidence of Children in the Water

Improving the Confidence of Children in the Water
29 August 2014 3448 Views No comments

It is surprisingly easy for a child to lose confidence in something they previously loved. Your son or daughter might have loved splashing around in the water when they were a baby, but now they have grown up they might become uneasy or even afraid of going for a swim.

Being a strong swimmer is an incredibly useful skill, and something you will almost certainly want your children to be capable of. However, it can be difficult getting them to learn if they are not happy in the water. You can't force them to be confident in their swimming ability, but you can take a number of steps just to put them a little more at ease.

Enrol them in a swimming club

Some children will be a lot happier if they can join in learning how to swim with other people their own age. The social aspect of this might distract them from their unease in the water, so they'll soon be swimming happily and strongly.

The other aspect of this are swimming badges. Children love to be rewarded, so learning that they can get a little badge sewn onto their towel if they can swim a certain number of lengths can give them a great sense of achievement and encourage them to try even harder.

Invest in swimming aids

Just like stabilisers on a bike, sometimes all your child needs is the sense that they will be safe if everything goes wrong. The Konfidence Youth Jacket, for example, can give your children a little bit of added buoyancy just to make going in the water a bit less scary. It is a handy alternative to armbands, which can make older children feel silly.

Equally, eye protection such as the Vorgee Voyager Junior Goggles can increase your child's confidence. One of the reasons kids tend to avoid the water is because of how it feels when it goes in their eyes. When they wear goggles, this goes away so they have one less thing to worry about.

Make it fun

A great way to remove some of a child's apprehension about anything is to make it fun. Turning something into a game is a great way to make the vast majority of chores or nerve-racking tasks seem a lot easier and less scary. This works especially well for swimming, as your child will find it great fun once they get the hang of it.

Use toys such as DiveStiks to encourage your children to have fun going underwater. A simple game like retrieving them from the bottom of the pool can work wonders for your child's confidence. If they are reluctant to go in the first few times, you can offer them a small reward if they are able to retrieve the DiveStiks a certain number of times.

Go swimming often

Finally, the most important thing you can do to help your child get over a fear of swimming is not to make it a big deal. If you only go swimming once a month or so, and you make a fuss about them needing to get better in the water, it will seem like a huge, insurmountable task.

On the other hand, if you swim often and make it clear that it's just a bit of fun, your child will be much more receptive. Try to make them think that the reason for you trying to get them to be better in the water is just so that they can join in with all the fun you're having, so they see that swimming isn't anything to be afraid of.