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How to Stop Children Becoming Fussy Eaters

How to Stop Children Becoming Fussy Eaters
27 February 2015 2783 Views No comments

If you're a parent, the chances are that you've had issues with your children eating the right foods. Even the most adventurous children can turn fussy sometimes, making mealtimes a nightmare.

Whether your child is habitually fussy when it comes to food or just acts up every now and then, there are ways in which you can help make mealtimes less of a struggle.

Get them involved

Having a balanced diet is important for children, but it isn't always fun. If your little one gets it into their head that they don't want to eat what's on their plate, the likelihood is that they will not eat it.

To help counter this, get them involved with choosing what they get for dinner. Use paper plates to show them what options they have.

Create two meal choices by splitting the plates into the key food groups, with each section showing a drawing and label showing what their choice is. Show both the plates to your children and get them to decide on their dinner.

Your kids have to choose one meal – after all, you don't want to be cooking different things – so they have to agree. This can help them feel like they had a choice.

Eat what they eat

Children learn by watching, so it is important that you eat the same food as they do, and at the same time. Sitting down to a family meal where everyone has the same foods on their plate can show them that everyone thinks the food is tasty.

They will also be more willing to try new things if they can see that you're eating them, too. This can make mealtimes much less stressful.

Reward them

Offer your children rewards for eating, rather than punishments for not finishing meals. Something like a star chart that maps how many different vegetables they've tried in a week or how many meals they finished will give them visual goals to work toward.

Once they have a certain number of stars, they can get a reward that you decide on together. Even the fussiest children like prizes, so this can really help them to turn around their eating habits.