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How to Get Kids to Want to Exercise

How to Get Kids to Want to Exercise
27 February 2015 3030 Views No comments

Getting children to understand how important exercise is doesn't have to be difficult.

All parents want to introduce children to a healthy lifestyle and diet in order to ensure their wellbeing. However, getting children to exercise can be an issue as they get older.

While your kids may be quite happy running around in the playground, you also need to get them involved in structured exercise that provides more benefits. This will help them to stay healthy, as well as ensuring that they understand why they need to exercise regularly.

So, how exactly can you get them to be happy exercising?

Get involved

It's all well and good telling your children to exercise, but if they don't see you doing it too they can grow reluctant. Children base their behaviour on what they see, so if they don't see you being active, this can cause issues.

Try getting involved with them by doing activities such as swimming together. Getting the whole family together on a regular basis can show your kids that exercising is normal. Turning exercise into a family activity will keep everyone healthier and is a great way to bond.

Structured exercise

Classes are a great way to get your little ones excited about exercise and can help with creating a healthy routine. There are a huge number of group classes and activities available, some of which are competitive.

This means that you and your kids can find something they really enjoy, which will make them want to go to their class every week. From swimming to gymnastics, dance to karate, your local area is sure to have something your children will love.

You could even join a class yourself – that way, your children will see it as entirely normal. If they know that you go to something once a week, it won't seem odd that they are expected to do the same.

Make it fun

Creating games or mini competitions that are based on exercising can help to make being healthy more fun. Having races or creating achievement charts with prizes will help your little ones to enjoy themselves and want to take part.

They can even help you come up with the games, which will get them thinking and using their creativity.

However you go about it, getting children excited about exercising can help them to understand how important it is to be healthy.